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Discretionary Bridge Funds

Formerly Federal-aid Policy Guide Non-Regulatory Supplement NS 23 CFR, Part 650 G,
September 30, 1992, Transmittal 5
See Order 1321.1C FHWA Directives Management

  1. Allocation of Discretionary Bridge Funds (23 CFR 650.703). When discretionary bridge funds have been allocated to a project, any unobligated balance from this project cannot be used on another project without prior approval. When projects have been completed, any discretionary bridge funds remaining from project underruns are required to be returned promptly. In no case should a State retain discretionary bridge funds to settle claims that may or may not occur on a project that is open to traffic.
  2. Discretionary Bridge Program - Allocation Considerations (23 CFR 650.709).

    Listed are other considerations in the selection of candidates for discretionary bridge funds.

    1. Preliminary engineering is not considered an eligible item for discretionary bridge funds. States are encouraged to pay for this work from other categories.
    2. There is a reluctancy to allocate discretionary bridge funds for right-of-way expenses. Funding of right-of-way acquisition will be considered only when the State gives assurances that construction will begin on the segment involved no later than the third quarter of the next fiscal year.
    3. In evaluating new candidates as well as candidates funded in previous years, the highest priority will be given to those ready for construction in the first 3 quarters of that fiscal year.
  3. Discretionary Bridge Allocation - Transfer of Funds for Project Phases (23 CFR 650.703). Discretionary bridge funds are allocated for a specific phase or phases of a project as requested by the State. The funds are to be used for this phase or these phases only. If a State desires to transfer a portion of the allocated discretionary bridge funds to another phase of the project, a formal request for withdrawal and reallocation should be made through the Office of Engineering.
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