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Subject: INFORMATION: Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program - FY 2003 Project Selection Date: July 9, 2003
From: Original signed by Raymond J. McCormick, P.E.
Raymond J. McCormick, P.E.
Acting Director of Bridge Technology
Reply to:
Attn. of:
To: Directors of Field Services
Division Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers

The February 28, 2003 memorandum, soliciting bridge projects for the subject program, generated 35 applications from 15 States. The total amount requested was $9,669,035, and by this memo a total of $5,608,435 is allocated to eligible projects.

Twenty-four applications have been approved, and the proposed award amounts are shown in the attached table.

The Federal share payable is 80 percent and should be programmed under Appropriation Code Q06. The obligation limitation is 100 percent. We request that each Division office for those States receiving an award monitor the obligation of funds. Please report by August 15, 2003 the status of unobligated funds to the Headquarters Office of Bridge Technology, HIBT-30, if the funds cannot be obligated this fiscal year.

As part of the application process, each project is to also provide a publishable report which includes the history of the bridge, both original and new construction techniques, an accurate documentation of the restoration work, cost information, and performance of any innovative techniques used for repair work. We request that the FHWA contact listed on the application form monitor the progress of this report to assure its completion.

If there are any questions or concerns, please call Steven L. Ernst at (202) 366-4619.


National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program
FY 2003 Allocation Plan
StateProjectAmount RequestedAllocation
CaliforniaWawona Covered Bridge276,166276,166
ConnecticutComstock Covered Bridge493,200340,000
IllinoisLittle Mary's River Covered Bridge57,94757,947
IllinoisRed Covered Bridge57,94757,947
IllinoisSugar Creek Covered Bridge57,94757,947
IllinoisThompson Mill Covered Bridge57,94757,947
IllinoisOquawka Wagon Covered Bridge57,94757,947
IndianaLancaster Covered Bridge233,600233,600
IowaDelta Covered Bridge150,000150,000
MassachusettsHardwick/Ware, Gilbertville Cov. Bridge711,360340,000
MissouriBurfordville Covered Bridge99,55699,556
MissouriUnion Covered Bridge41,25041,250
MissouriLocust Creek Covered Bridge18,36818,368
New HampshireHoneymoon Bridge248,000248,000
New YorkJay Covered Bridge600,000340,000
OregonRitner Creek Covered Bridge339,360339,360
OhioEldean Covered Bridge457,600340,000
PennsylvaniaKing's Covered Bridge453,750340,000
VirginiaMeems Bottom Covered Bridge30,40030,400
West VirginiaDents Run Covered Bridge195,000195,000
VermontWeathersfield Upper Falls Cov. Br.596,100596,100
VermontTunbridge Cilley Cov. Br.317,920317,920
VermontSalisbury-Cornwall Cedar Swamp C. B.397,400397,400
VermontThetford Sayre Cov. Br.675,580675,580
Total 6,624,3455,608,435

Note: $352,565 is reserved for research and education per TEA-21, Sec. 1224.

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