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Subject: ACTION: Federal Bridges in the National Bridge Inventory Date: January 4, 1995
From: Chief, Bridge Division
Office of Engineering
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To: Regional Federal Highway Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Program Administrator

The Federal Lands Highway Office (FLHO) and the Bridge Division have agreed that future submissions of the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) data by Federal agencies shall be submitted to the FLHO. Federal agencies will be requested to submit their bridge inventory data to the FLHO for transmittal to the Washington Headquarters Bridge Division (HNG-33). The FLHO will act as the central collection point for Federal agency NBI data submittals to help ensure the timely submission of data and overall data submission uniformity. The data will be processed into the NBI by the Bridge Division and it will be uniquely identified as data for bridges owned by Federal agencies.

A copy of each State's portion of this data will be extracted after processing and will be sent through organizational channels to the various State highway agencies. This will enable the States to comply with the National Bridge Inspection Standards inventory requirements, and at the same time relieve them of the obligation of collecting and submitting the data from the various Federal agencies.

Please notify the States within your region of the revised NBI data submittal procedure. If there are any questions, please contact the Bridge Management Branch at (202) 366-4617.

Stanley Gordon

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