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Subject: ACTION: Request for 2016 Bridge Replacement Costs Date: January 17, 2017
From: /s/ Original Signed by

Joseph L. Hartmann
Director, Office of Bridges and Structures

Refer To: HIBT-30
To: Division Administrators

We hereby request that each Division office submit to the Office of Bridges and Structures by April 3, 2017, replacement costs for all highway bridges constructed in their State with Federal funds during fiscal year 2016. Collection of costs related to bridge construction is required by the National Bridge and Tunnel Inspection Standards (23 U.S.C.144). This memorandum provides guidance in collecting the required bridge costs.

Division offices are expected to review these costs in sufficient detail prior to submittal to ensure that States have followed the criteria defined in the link below. Please work with your State to resolve any inconsistencies and provide a discussion and recommended adjustments in conjunction with the submitted cost data to explain any anomalous data.

Cost data should be submitted electronically through the web-enabled NBI system by logging on to FHWA User Profile & Access Control System (UPACS). Use the Submittals tab in the NBI system. Data collected include the following for bridges on the National Highway System (NHS) and bridges off the NHS:

  • Number of bridges replaced
  • Total area of replaced bridges
  • Total replacement cost of all bridges
  • Bridge replacement unit cost

There is also a comment field available for additional information or discussion.

Additional guidance may be found at http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/bridge/nbi/uc_criteria.cfm.

Please direct questions to Fernando Luna at (202) 366-4621 or Fernando.Luna@dot.gov. Alternately, questions can be directed to Samantha Lubkin at (202) 366-1575 or Samantha.Lubkin@dot.gov.

cc: Directors of Field Services, HIBS-30

Updated: 06/27/2017
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