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Figure 2-4: Integration of Transportation Officials Stakeholder Thrust Area Research with Core Research

The purpose of this slide is to show that transportation tasks (SE, ST, RR, and GT) interrelate with this core research or "Consequence-Based Engineering" program, i.e., the Damage Synthesis Thrust Area, Consequence Minimization Thrust Area, and Hazard Definition Thrust Area.


Damage Synthesis Thrust Area
DS-2 Inventory Technologies
DS-3 Response Analysis Tools
DS-4 Vulnerability Functions
DS-5 Regional Response Simulation
DS-6 Network Loss
DS-7a Network Vulnerability
DS-7b Damage - Functionality
DS-8 S - E Impact Assessment
DS-9 Risk Assessment
SE-3 Inventory of Transportation Networks
ST-63 Piers and Abutments
ST-62 Elastomeric Bearings
ST-17 I-40 Bridge Instrumentation
RR-5 Fragility of Transportation Networks
SE-13 Vulnerability of Air/Rail Networks

Consequence Minimization Thrust Area
QM-1 Decision Support Tools
CM-2 Acceptable Consequences
CM-3 Network Strategies
CM-4 Structural Retrofit Strategies
CM-5 Multi-Hazard Application
SE-11 Network Retrofit Benefit - Cost
SE-28 Emergency Priority Routes
ST-13 Retrofit of Bridge Columns
ST-12 Response Modification of Bridges
GT-5 Foundation Improvement

Hazard Definition Thrust Area
HD-1 Synthetic EQ Hazards
HD-2 EQ Source Modeling
HD-3 Ground Motion Data
HD-4 Gujarat - N M S Relations
HD-5 EQ Path Modeling
HD-6 EQ Site Modeling
HD-7 Ground Deformations
GT-13 Deep Soil Response

Task Interactions

Between DS-2 and SE-3
Between DS-3 and ST-63
From DS-3 to ST-14
Between DS-4 and ST-63
Between DS-5 and ST-14
From DS-6 to RR-5
From DS-7a to RR-5
From DS-7b to RR-5
From SE-13 to DS-8 and DS-9

Between ST-17, ST-19 and CM-4

Between CM-3 and SE-11
Between CM-4 and ST-13

From HD-6 to GT-5
From HD-7 to GT-5

Between HD-6 and GT-19
Between HD-7 and GT-19

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