Midland Trail

National Scenic BywayWest Virginia

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  • Glade Creek Grist Mill

    Standing back from the Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State Park, visitors can see the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

  • Fall on the Midland Trail

    Brilliant fall foliage stands out against this rock cliff on the Midland Trail.

  • Bikers on the Trail

    A group of mountain bikers pause on the 77-mile Greenbrier River Biking Trail which connects to the Midland Trail at Caldwell.

  • View from Hawk's Nest Overlook

    An aerial view shows the rivers and bridges below Hawk's Nest Overlook.

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  • Aerial View of the Greenbrier Resort

    The Greenbrier Resort Hotel Complex sits nestled in the hills of the Midland Trail.

  • Civil War Museum

    Up amongst the rocks, you'll find the Civil War Museum near Hawk's Nest Overlook.

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  • Sam Black Chuch

    On the roadside of the Midland Trail is a church that bears the name of an minister who traveled the hills of West Virginia.

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  • St. John's Cemetery

    Trees shade this peaceful looking area of St. John's Cemetery.

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  • Grounds Crew at Oakhurst

    The "mowing crew" is hard at work at the Oakhurst golf course. Oakhurst uses sheep to keep the greens nice and short.

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  • Curve in the Midland Trail

    Bright autumn trees line a curve in the road along the Midland Trail.

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