Coal Heritage Trail

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  • The World’s Second Longest Single Arch Steel Span, the New River Gorge Bridge

    An engineering feat and regional icon, the New River Gorge Bridge connects the flourishing, green east and west banks of the river between two previously isolated communities.

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  • Two Men Fishing along the New River

    Two men are enjoying a day of fishing along the New River in West Virginia.

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  • New River Gorge Bridge From Above

    The massive steel structure supporting the bridge is visible under US 19 as it travels into the distance on a misty and foggy day.

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  • The Depot in Bramwell, West Virginia

    This reconstructed train depot serves as an information center and the southern interpretive center for The Coal Heritage Trail.

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  • A Millionaire's Mansion, the Goodwill House in Bramwell

    The Goodwill House overlooks historic Bramwell, home to many coal barons who began the coal industry in southern West Virginia.

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  • Pinnacle Rock on The Coal Heritage Trail

    Pinnacle Rock State Park showcases this unique geological formation located along the Coal Heritage Trail.

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  • Empire Coal & Coke Company Miner's Clubhouse, Landgraff, WV

    Built in 1922 by Empire Coal & Coke Company as their Miner's Clubhouse, the building was saved and restored after the floods of 2001 and 2002 by Dan and Elisse Clark, who opened their home as the Elkhorn Inn & Theatre Bed-and-Breakfast in 2003.

  • Inside the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Visitor Center

    Children and adult visitors look at miner tool exhibits at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Visitor Center.

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  • Whipple Company Store Front

    The Whipple Company Store’s main entrance is prominently marked by a large arch, adding to the unusual architecture of the building.

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  • Fayette Station Road

    A pull-off on Fayette Station Road showcases the New River Gorge Bridge through the leafy foliage of summer.

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  • The Coal Heritage Trail

    Sunlight filters through fall trees, speckling the road with light.

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