Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike

National Scenic BywayWest Virginia

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  • Blue Hills and Autumn-touched Leaves

    A single leaf dangles in front of the camera, showing how close visitors can get to nature on this parkway.

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  • Testimony to the Past

    Skeletal trees stand guard over Camp Allegheny.

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  • Traveler's Repose

    A sign on the front porch of this home proudly shows its connection to the past.

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  • Randolph County Musuem

    Outside the Randolph County Musuem, a sign explains the historical aspects of the area.

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  • Sunlight History at the Beverly Heritage Center

    Clear blue skies welcome travelers who visit the Beverly Heritage Center.

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  • Cheat Summit

    Leaf covered mounds are one of the few reminders of the battles fought here long ago.

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  • Homestead School

    Still in use today, this school was originally built for the Tygart New Deal community during the Depression.

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  • Graceland Inn

    Fluffy white clouds drift over the multi-storied Graceland Inn.

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  • Rich Mountain Backway

    Fall-touched trees encasing the byway invoke mountain beauty on this historic path.

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  • Civil War Trails at Rich Mountain Battlefield

    Once a Confederate defense site during the Civil War, only signs remain to tell the story of these soldiers from the past.

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  • A Door to the Past

    Leaves provide a shady overhang at the entrance to the Genealogy Library.

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  • Farnsworth House

    Set against dark evergreens and cloudy skies, the Farnsworth House stands as a proud relic of the past.

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  • Oakland

    Peeking through the trees is the stately home of Oakland.

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