Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route

National Scenic BywayIllinois

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  • A Rustic Lodge

    View of rustic lodge at Columbine River State Park or other CCC era building on byway.

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  • Eldred Caves

    A rough stone pillar separates the entrance to the Eldred Caves.

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  • Blue Heron in Lake

    A Blue Heron scans its surroundings in a lake near the meeting of three great rivers, the Missouri, Mississippi, and the Illinois.

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  • Eagle Surveying the Illinois River

    A noble eagle overlooks the Illinois River while perched on top of a snowy cliff.

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  • Road along the confluence of the Mississippi and the Illinois Rivers

    Beautiful fall colors decorate the winding road along the meeting of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

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  • Picnic on the Bluffs

    A group of friends picnic together on the green grass beside a gazebo with the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers visible in the distance behind them.

  • Palisades

    The Meeting of the Great Rivers byway runs along the Mississippi River at the base of tall cliffs thickly covered in green trees.

  • Riverside Byway Below White Bluff in the Fall

    The colorful trees of autumn, a white shore and a bright blue sky frame the Meeting of the Great Rivers.

  • Abraham Lincoln In Contemplation

    A dark bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln stands thinking in front of a sign welcoming visitors to Alton, IL.

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