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  • Iargo Springs

    Low-level log dams create small waterfalls on two of the springs.Viewing decks offer quiet areas to reflect and enjoy the gurgling streams that flow year-round.

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  • Kiwanis Monument

    The Kiwanis Monument was constructed by the Kiwanis Clubs of Michigan, in recognition of their contribution to the reforestation efforts on the national forest. Each club is recognized with its own marker on the Monument.

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  • Log Jam Display at Lumberman's Monument

    Visitors climb through a simulated log jam at Lumberman's Monument Visitor Center. This is one of several exhibits that tell the lumberjacks' stories.

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  • View of Au Sable River from Westgate Welcome Center

    This view of Loud Pond and the Au Sable River is from the small observation deck at Westgate Welcome Center. The observation deck is tucked among large pines, allowing an eagle's eye view of the water below.

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  • Highbanks Sand Dune

    The view from the Highbanks Sand Dune at Lumberman's Monument is legendary. Close to 200 feet above the Au Sable River, this expansive view is spellbinding to visitors of all ages.

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  • Unimproved Boat Launch below Cooke Dam

    Shadows dapple the dirt road leading to the unimproved boat launch below Cooke Dam.

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  • Horseshoe Island Seen from Lumberman's Monument,

    Horseshoe Island nestles in blue waters against an autumn backdrop.

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  • Westgate Welcome Center Viewing Deck

    At Westgate Welcome Center, travelers will view Loud Pond of the Au Sable River from two observation decks.

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  • Fall Colors at Westgate Welcome Center

    The blue of the Au Sable River is made brighter by surrounding autumn foliage in this view from the east overlook at Westgate Welcome Center. The viewing platforms are fully accessible and located close to parking.

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  • Fishing Area at Whirlpool River Access

    This fishing area at Whirlpool River Access is one of three located along River Road. These fishing piers offer easy access to the water for those travelers that don't want to negotiate steep banks or don't have a boat to get out onto the water.

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  • Spring Fishing below Foote Dam

    Fishermen lean on the railings to try to catch a steelhead fish at the Foote Hydroelectric Dam.

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  • Canoeing the Au Sable

    Canoeists float along the pristine waters of the Au Sable River.

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  • Canoers Memorial

    The pale stone of Canoers Memorial is edged by trees in fall color.

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  • Entrance Sign for River Road Scenic Byway

    Bright, bold signs welcome visitors to River Road Scenic Byway and the Huron-Manistee National Forests. The unique signing along River Road lets travelers know they are entering a special area within the forest.

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  • Accessible Fishing Pier at Cooke Dam

    This public fishing pier on Cooke Pond provides an easily accessible area to anyone wishing to dangle a hook in the water. It's also an inviting place to sit and enjoy the water or view the operation of Cooke Dam.

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  • The Boardwalk at Iargo Springs

    Several hundred feet of elevated boardwalk meander through the Iargo Springs Interpretive Site and lead to small platforms overlooking the river. Large pines, maple, hemlock, and cedar give the impression of walking through an ancient forest.

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  • An Entrance to Huron National Forest

    The National Forest sign welcomes visitors into the fall dappled forest along Highway 72.

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  • Loud Dam Pond Fishing Access

    The shore leads effortlessly to the bright blue lapping waters of the Loud Dam Pond. This is a fishing access site.

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