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  • White Clapboarded Home

    A white clapboarded house, an example of New England vernacular architecture, matches the freshly fallen snow.

  • Log Drive on the Kennebec River

    Many logs cluster together on the Kennebec River in the last log drive in Maine, conducted in 1964 with the enactment of the Clean Water Act.

  • View from Johnson Mountain

    A stretch of wide Maine wilderness lies at the foot of Johnson Mountain.

  • Wyman Lake in Autumn Glory

    Wyman Lake sits quietly in front of an autumn backdrop filled with oranges and yellows.

  • Attean Overlook in the Winter

    The Attean Overlook captures a view of the distant mountains in winter.

  • Route 201 Overlooking Wyman Lake

    An aerial view of Route 201 along Old Canada Road overlooks Wyman Lake and captures colorful fall splendor.

  • Gathering at the Kennebec River

    A group of people gather with canoes at the Kennebec River.

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  • Preparing to Canoe the Kennebec River

    Some canoers socialize and prepare to go canoeing on the Kennebec River.

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  • The Attean Overlook

    The Attean Overlook displays Attean Pond, Attean Mountain and associated mountains of the Province of Quebec, fresh with fall foliage.

  • Wyman Lake in Moscow

    Old Canada Road curves along the shore of the Wyman Lake in Moscow, Maine.

  • Solon Congregational Church

    The Solon Congregational Church is an example of vernacular architecture found along Old Canada Road.

  • Canoeing the Kennebec River

    A lone canoer enjoys the scenery while paddling the Kennebec River.

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  • Fall Brook

    A range of red, orange, and yellow autumn colors tints the trees surrounding Fall Brook.

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  • Houston Brook Falls

    A steady stream of white water cascades over Houston Brook Falls.

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  • South View in Moscow

    Looking south from Old Canada Road Scenic Byway in Moscow, Kennebec River curves in the distance as it heads toward Wyman Lake.

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  • Old Canada Road and Wyman Lake

    The Old Canada Road winds along Wyman Lake, directly west of the road.

  • Sweeping Views on Old Canada Road

    A blanket of clouds overhead and a vast view of civilization underneath provide a great view for snowmobiler riders.

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  • Old Canada Road's Well-groomed Trails

    A lone sled rider cruises along nicely groomed trails on Old Canada Road.

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  • Deep Powder Sledding

    Old Canada Road provides vast expanses of untracked snow for this sled-rider.

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  • A Train of Snowmobile Riders

    Snowmobile riders open up their throttles and cruise along a part of Maine's Interconnected Trail System (ITS) near Old Canada Road.

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  • Winding on Old Canada Road in Winter

    Old Canada Road winds through powdered mountains and forests, which still hold onto some fall color during early winter.

  • Heading North on the Old Canada Road

    Old Canada Road heads north, curving into thick forests and rolling mountains that lie at the horizon.

  • Jackman, Moose River, and Wood Pond

    From an aerial view, Jackman, Moose River, and Wood Pond showcase peaceful greenery and still waters.

  • The Moscow Picnic Area and Overlook

    Stands of paper birch frame the wide view of the Kennebec River Valley at the Moscow Picnic Area and Overlook.

  • Kennebec River

    Kennebec River, its banks filled with thick green forests, runs next to Old Canada Road.

  • The Kennebec River Valley, Wyman Dam, and Wyman Lake

    The vibrant blue Kennebec River winds through the town of Bingham and the Wyman Dam until it reaches the sparkling southern end of Wyman Lake in the Kennebec River Valley.