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  • Mt. McKinley from Denali State Park

    Snowcapped Mt. McKinley rises above sparsely-vegetated rocky fields in Denali State Park.

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  • Driving along George Parks Highway

    Travelers travel along the byway; headed towards snow capped mountains. Green trees line the sides of the byway.

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  • George Parks Highway Mountain Views

    Gorgeous mountain views can be seen along Parks Highway. The highway flows with the land as large billowy clouds loom above.

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  • Winding along George Parks Highway

    Beautiful snow capped mountains can be seen in the distance as Parks Highway winds between lush green forests.

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  • Native Artifacts at Alfred Starr Cultural Center

    Displays in the Alfred Starr Cultural Center include Native beadwork, photos, and animal skin drums and clothing.

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  • Denali View South

    The South Denali Wayside is one of the most popular stops on the George Parks Highway.

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  • Lower Troublesome Creek

    Visitors can picnic, camp, and fish, at Troublesome Creek. A small pavilion provides shelter in the forest.

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  • Denali View North

    Autumn colors, as seen from the Denali View North Wayside, lure visitors to the George Parks Highway every fall.

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  • Hurricane Gulch

    The George Parks Highway Scenic Byway travels over the steep-walled gorge of Hurricane Gulch.

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  • Chulitna River Bluffs

    The unique geology of the Chulitna River bluffs is apparent in the landform’s eroded sandstone valleys.

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  • Broad Pass

    Travelers frequently stop in Broad Pass to admire the magnificent scenery.

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  • River View from Nenana River Wayside

    The Nenana River Wayside allows for spectacular views of the Nenana River.

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  • Caribou in Denali National Park and Preserve

    Caribou are frequently seen in Denali National Park and Preserve.

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  • Alaska Railroad Museum

    The Nenana Railroad Museum, housed in an old railroad depot, is a popular tourist destination.

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  • Denali Country

    Denali country is dominated by the lofty, snow-covered peaks of the Alaska Range, active glaciers, rolling tundra, boggy muskegs, and hardwood and spruce forests laced by rivers.

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  • Bicyclists at the Denali National Park Welcome Sign

    Two cyclists, with bikes loaded up for a long trip, pause at the entrance to Denali National Park and Preserve.

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  • Minto Flats

    The mosaic of ponds, oxbows, stream channels, and various wetland and upland vegetation types in the Minto Flats Game Refuge provides excellent habitat for waterfowl, big game, and fur-bearers, as well as anadromous and resident fish species.

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  • Musicians at Ester Gold Complex

    Visitors can enjoy music and theater at the Ester Gold Complex.

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  • Canoeing on Byers Lake

    A family going canoeing admires the beautiful scenery on the shores of Byers Lake, a popular boating destination.

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  • Alaska Veterans Memorial

    The Alaska Veterans Memorial consists of monuments and an alcove with a semi-circle of five 20-foot-tall concrete panels representing the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

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  • Scenic Byway Sign on the George Parks Highway

    Alaska State Scenic Byway signs dot the George Parks Highway.

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  • Snowshoeing in Denali National Park

    Visitors trek through snow-covered Denali National Park in the midst of towering, evergreen trees.

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