Haines Highway - Valley of the Eagles

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  • Haines Highway--Valley of the Eagles

    At Mile Point 32, the driver sees the road heading directly north with the mountains of Alaska and Canada on the horizon and catches his or her breath knowing the only connection between them and this untouched, natural setting is the Haines Highway itself.

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  • Approaching Porcupine Crossing in Autumn

    A car headed south on the Haines Highway approaches the Porcupine Crossing turnoff. Clouds spill over the mountain range ahead and the trees by the roadside are colored gold for autumn.

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  • Klehini River Scenic Viewing Area

    An interpretive panel at the Klehini River Scenic Viewing Area describes the history of expanse of the Chilkat River Valley. The area also provides scopes to look for wildlife along the banks of the river and eagles in the trees.

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  • Visitors Viewing Fish Wheel Activities

    Two Chinese visitors photograph the fish wheel in action while another fish wheel can be seen in place down river in the background.

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  • Totem in the Klukwan Village Long House

    A totem within the legendary walls of the Tlingit's Long House smiles at visitors, encouraging them on their journey.

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  • Fort William H. Seward from Picture Point

    Snowcovered with the backdrop of the Chilkat Mountains form a backdrop to a picturesque view of the white buildings of Historical Fort William H. Seward on a drive towards downtown Haines from the Ferry Terminal.

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