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  • Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry

    An Alaska Marine Highway ferry navigates past wooded mountains near southeast Ketchikan.

  • Ferry in Southeastern Alaska Waters

    A ferry plies the blue waters of southeastern Alaska.

  • Relaxing on the Alaska Marine Highway

    A passenger relaxes on the deck of the ferry and looks out over the calm, clean waters toward green shores backed by snow-tipped mountains.

  • Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry

    An Alaska Marine ferry cuts through the waters in Southeast Ketchikan.

  • Icebergs in Taku Inlet

    A crowd watches icebergs pass by from the deck of the ferry.

  • Alaska State Ferry Underway

    A state ferry cruises past glorious snow-capped mountains.

  • Alaska State Ferry With Fireweed

    Fireweed waves in the foreground as a state ferry passes by in the background.

  • Docking the Ferry

    Passengers disembark after a pleasant journey on Alaska's Marine Highway.

  • Departing the Ferry

    A car pulling a camping trailer offloads from the ferry at one of the ferry's many stops, ready to continue its journey by car.

  • Interior of Russian Orthodox Church

    Russian Orthodox churches are typically richly decorated with gold icons and numerous religious symbols. Even in the smallest port communities, the churches are lavishly decorated. Russian Orthodox churches are found in a dozen port communities and include Unalaska, Kodiak, Seldovia, Juneau, and Sitka, to name a few. These churches continue to have active congregations and are a rare glimpse into Russian-American culture that began in the late 1700's. All churches offer cultural tours.

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  • Kayaking Near Kodiak

    Placid waters and inspiring scenery provides for a tranquil recreation opportunity for these kayakers.

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  • Alaska Coastline as Seen from the Ferry

    A couple leans on the railing of the ferry and admires the deep blue water, rolling hills, and towering mountains of the Alaska coastline.

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