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  • Classic Tufted Puffin

    This classic tufted puffin perches majestically on a branch.

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  • Inside a WWII Tunnel

    This tunnel in Unalaska's Dutch Harbor testifies of the region's part in World War II.

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  • False Pass Looking North

    The community of False Pass lies in the shadow of massive snowy mountains.

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  • Unalaska's History and Scenery

    The red and green roof of a Russian-Orthodox-style church brings a spot of color to the mountainous winter landscape in this Unalaska scene.

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  • City of Saint Paul

    The coastal community of Saint Paul rests on a spit of land jutting out into the bright blue Alaskan ocean.

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  • Kayaking Near Kodiak

    Placid waters and inspiring scenery provides for a tranquil recreation opportunity for these kayakers.

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  • Kittiwake Rookery

    Seabirds nest at the Kittiwake Rookery, across Portage Pass from Whittier, Alaska.

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  • Kootenai Wildlife Viewing

    A young Sitka black-tailed deer emerges from bright green foliage in Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge.

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  • Bear Cubs in Spring

    Three spring bear cubs, affectionately named Larry, Curly, and Moe, enjoy a meal of fresh salmon in Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge.

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  • Bald Eagle at Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

    Enjoying the protection of Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, this bald eagle perches momentarily to survey its surroundings.

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  • Sitka Black-tailed Deer

    Frozen temporarily among the constant motion surrounding it, this Sitka black-tailed deer is an example of Alaska's wildlife.

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  • Soaring Eagle

    This bald eagle appears to coast effortlessly through the air above Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge.

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  • Kodiak Harbor

    Dark clouds bring out the variety of colors in this Kodiak Harbor scene.

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  • Baranov Museum

    An old anchor lies among flowers in front of Kodiak's Baranov Museum.

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  • Harbor Seal and Pup on Buldir Island

    This harbor seal and pup seem to pose for this picture as they relax among pink and gray rocks on Buldir Island.

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  • Presenting Designation Plaque to Alaska's Marine Highway

    Alaska's Marine Highway receives their designation plaque at the Designation 2002 event at Union Station in Washington DC.

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  • Humpback Whale Breaching

    This massive animal shows surprising speed and grace as it breaches near the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

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  • Waiting for the Ferry

    Residents of Chignik await the Tustumena ferry.

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  • Fur Seal and Harem

    A male fur seal basks on the rocks in the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

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  • Ferry in Southeastern Alaska Waters

    A ferry plies the blue waters of southeastern Alaska.

  • Brown Bear in McNeil River

    Quick reflexes leads to a skillful snag for this brown bear in McNeil River State Game Sanctuary.

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  • Arctic Fox on Saint George Island

    An arctic fox pauses among wildflowers on Alaska's Saint George Island.

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  • Crested Auklet

    You cannot complete your birding life-list until you visit the Aleutian Islands and see a Crested auklet. Found only along this route of the Marine Highway this is typically the last bird on a dedicated birdwatcher's list. The US Fish and Wildlife Service estimate that over 40 million birds comprised of 250 species live in the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. Many of these birds can only be found in this area.

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  • Alaska Brown Bear

    Alaska brown bears can be found in all three segments of the Highway, including in and around many port communities served by the Marine Highway. The Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Parks all provide safe viewing opportunities with interpretive services to watch a variety of wildlife near many port communities.

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  • Shilshaldin Volcano at Sunset

    The Marine Highway sails along the 'Ring of Fire' providing the opportunity to see a majority of North America's volcanoes. There are over 81 active volcanoes along the Marine Highway with a majority located along the Kodiak and Aleutians route. Pictured is Shilshaldin Volcano on Unamak Island near False Pass during sunset.

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  • Alutiiq Dancer

    The Alutiiq are found in both the Prince William Sound and Kenai Peninsula, and Kodiak and the Aleutians segments. Eight Native cultures are found along the Marine Highway route. There are numerous cultural opportunities in many port communities including museums, visitor centers, cultural centers, and performing arts theaters. One of the largest Native cultural event is "Celebration," held every two years in Juneau.

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  • Interior of Russian Orthodox Church

    Russian Orthodox churches are typically richly decorated with gold icons and numerous religious symbols. Even in the smallest port communities, the churches are lavishly decorated. Russian Orthodox churches are found in a dozen port communities and include Unalaska, Kodiak, Seldovia, Juneau, and Sitka, to name a few. These churches continue to have active congregations and are a rare glimpse into Russian-American culture that began in the late 1700's. All churches offer cultural tours.

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  • Kodiak Aerial View

    The city of Kodiak lies nestled as a civilized island between endless ocean and wild nature.

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  • Coastal Kodiak

    Sheer cliffs rise from the placid waters along Kodiak's coastline as deep green mountains rise in the background.

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  • Kodiak Coastal Scene

    This tranquil ocean vista gives a glimpse of the scenic value the Kodiak area offers.

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  • Kodiak Harbor

    A variety of boats float on the calm Kodiak waters in front of deep green hills and turbulent clouds.

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  • Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church

    One of the church's distinctive blue domes rises towards the blue sky in this photo of the Holy Resurrection church in Kodiak.

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  • Anchorage Night Skyline

    Anchorage gleams in the moonlight.

  • Glaciers Along Alaska's Marine Highway

    The marine highway passes by some of the most active ice fields in the world. The majority of these are along the Inside Passage, Prince William Sound and the Cross Gulf Routes. This image shows passengers looking at glaciers in Prince William Sound as small icebergs float by. All AMHS ships are named after glaciers in Alaska.

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  • Alaska State Ferry Underway

    A state ferry cruises past glorious snow-capped mountains.

  • Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry

    An Alaska Marine ferry cuts through the waters in Southeast Ketchikan.

  • Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry

    An Alaska Marine Highway ferry navigates past wooded mountains near southeast Ketchikan.

  • Alaska State Ferry With Fireweed

    Fireweed waves in the foreground as a state ferry passes by in the background.

  • Docking the Ferry

    Passengers disembark after a pleasant journey on Alaska's Marine Highway.

  • Icebergs in Taku Inlet

    A crowd watches icebergs pass by from the deck of the ferry.

  • Offloading from the Ferry

    A passenger waves as his bike-laden car drives off the ferry.

  • Departing the Ferry

    A car pulling a camping trailer offloads from the ferry at one of the ferry's many stops, ready to continue its journey by car.

  • Boats Docked in Seward Marina

    Boats' masts rise from the water as feathery clouds surround jagged peaks in the background.

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  • Alaska Coastline as Seen from the Ferry

    A couple leans on the railing of the ferry and admires the deep blue water, rolling hills, and towering mountains of the Alaska coastline.

  • Bear Track at Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve

    A well-defined bear track left in the sand of Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve reminds visitors to be alert and cautious around these majestic and powerful animals.

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  • Scenic View at Glacier Bay National Park

    Green vegetation exists in dramatic contrast to the snow-topped mountains and glaciers at the Glacier Bay National Park.

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  • Geese Flying over Izembek Lagoon

    The expansive horizon at the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is interrupted by Emperor Geese enjoying a beautiful Fall day.

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  • Bear at Katmai National Park and Preserve

    A curious bear at the Katmai National Park and Preserve investigates the area for food or adventure.

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  • A New Beginning at Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

    Bald eagle chicks view their surroundings at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

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  • Tongass National Forest

    Sunbeams shine through towering trees that populate the majestic Tongass National Forest.

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  • Wrangell Harbor

    The sun sets on Wrangell Harbor and casts a beautiful pink hue across the water. A small airplane lands on the water's surface and causes the pink hue to dance beneath the wings.

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  • Bellingham and Daffodils

    Yellow daffodils welcome visitors to the beautiful town of Bellingham.

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  • A Sunny Day in Cold Bay

    A rare sunny day brightens the skies of Cold Bay.

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  • A Ferry Docked at Cold Bay

    Travelers walk down the pier to the Alaskan Ferry MV Tustamena in Cold Bay.

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  • MV Tustamena

    The Alaska Ferry MV Tustamena rests in port on a rare sunny day in Cold Bay.

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  • Unalaska Bay

    Verdant mountain meadows surround Unalaska Bay in the summer.

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  • City of Unalaska

    This photo overlooks the city of Unalaska from Mt. Newhall on a clear fall day.

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  • Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox Church

    The Church of the Holy Ascension stands serenely near the shore. One of the oldest Russian Orthodox churches in Alaska, it is a welcome site for travelers and fishermen returning from sea.

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  • Relaxing on the Alaska Marine Highway

    A passenger relaxes on the deck of the ferry and looks out over the calm, clean waters toward green shores backed by snow-tipped mountains.