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  • Alert Fox in Grass on Gunflint Trail

    A fox with reddish coat and white neck stands poised to spring on its prey in the tall grass along the Gunflint Trail.

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  • Canoers on a Gunflint Trail Area Lake

    A yellow canoe sits on a calm, deep-blue lake surrounded by a ledge-rock shoreline and pine forest.

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  • Cross-Country Skier on a Gunflint Trail Ski Trail

    A cross-country skier glides through a forest full of trees and shrub branches, heavy with new fallen, pure white snow.

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  • Dogsledding in the Gunflint Trail Area

    A dogsled travels through a dense forest on pristine white snow.

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  • Hikers at Trail's End Campground

    Two hikers enjoy the view of Seagull River, white pine, and pine-needle covered forest floor at Trail’s End Campground.

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  • Magnetic Rock Trail Wood Lily

    Wood Lily wildflower, a deep orange lily, blooms among ferns on the Magnetic Rock Trail.

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  • North Brule River

    The North Brule River in high water flows between alder and spruce trees on its bank. A series of shallow rapids form ripples on the river.

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  • North Brule River from the Gunflint Trail

    A USDA sign informs the visitor that the river which is surrounded by a spruce, pines, and cedar forest on the Gunflint Trail is the North Brule River.

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  • Old Growth White Pine on Gunflint Trail

    Majestic Eastern white pines stand on either side of the Gunflint Trail.

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  • View of Grand Marais from Sawtooth Mountain Ridgeline

    The small town of Grand Marais (population 1100) lies 1000 feet below this overlook perched on a steep hillside. The natural and man-made breakwaters and two lighthouses of Grand Marais gracefully embrace the entrance to the harbor. The deep blue of Lake Superior makes up the background.

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  • Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway

    The two-laned paved roadway winds its way through deep conifer and birch forests, in fall colors of green and yellow. Rolling hills and a sky blue river frame the photo.

  • Bull Moose in Velvet

    A bull moose in spring stands proudly with a new velvet fur coat and a large antler rack.

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  • Canoeing with Kids

    A family gleefully enjoys canoeing a lake near the Gunflint Trail in the woods of northern Minnesota.

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  • Winter Tracks Snow Sculpture of a Dalma Horse

    Three people dressed for the cold and sunny winter day help carve a Scandinavian Dalma horse from a large block of snow.

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  • Gunflint Trail Snowmobile Trail

    Two snowmobilers ride on a groomed and snowy trail through a conifer and birch forest in northern Minnesota in winter.

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  • Cross-country Skiing on a Gunflint Ski Trail

    Two cross-country skiers glide along a groomed and tracked trail, surrounded by dense, snow-covered conifer forest. Snow depth on the trail is about 18 inches.

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