Lincoln Highway

National Scenic BywayIllinois

Driving the Byway

From Illinois-Indiana Border to Aurora

The byway begins at the Illinois-Indiana border on US 30.

  • Follow US 30 until the road forks.
  • Take the left fork, East Sauk Trail through Sauk Village and into South Chicago Heights.
  • In South Chicago Heights take Route 1 north toward Chicago.
  • Turn left onto US 30.
  • Follow US 30 west through Chicago Heights to Joliet.
  • In Joliet, US 30 will start going north.
  • Continue to follow it for 21.9 miles.
  • Take IL 31 north toward Aurora.

From Aurora to Mississippi River

  • In Aurora follow IL 31 for 12.5 miles until you get to Geneva.
  • In Geneva turn left onto IL 38 and follow it 41.17 miles to Rochelle.
  • After Rochelle, IL 38 will begin winding between small towns across the countryside.
  • Keep on IL 38 for 25.86 miles until you reach Dixon.
  • In Dixon briefly merge with US 52 and take it northwest.
  • Turn left when you come to IL 2 and take it west for 12.2 miles.
  • Continue on IL 2 as it bends south to merge with US 30.
  • Take US 30 west through Morrison toward Fulton.
  • The road will divide into US 30 going southwest and IL 136 going west.
  • Take IL 136 west through Fulton to the Mississippi River, where the byway ends.