Washington Heritage Trail

National Scenic BywayWest Virginia

Driving the Byway

  • Starting in Charles Town in the southern section of the byway, travel east on US 340.
  • Continue on US 340 to Harper's Ferry or turn left onto County Road 230 and travel north to Shepherdstown.
  • From Shepherdstown, travel southwest on SR 480 until the turnoff to County Road 10.
  • Travel northwest on County Road 10 which later changes to County Road 36 until you reach Martinsburg.
  • From Martinsburg, travel north on SR 9 to Hedgesville.
  • At Hedgesville continue on SR 9 to Berkeley Springs.
  • From Berkeley Springs, you can continue on SR 9 to the community of Pawpaw, or you can drive southwest on County Road 9/10 until it joins with US 522.
  • Stay on US 522 until the turnoff to County Road 38/10.
  • From County Road 38/10, turn right onto County Road 28/2, then turn left onto County Road 11.
  • At the community of Unger, turn left onto County Road 13.
  • Stay on 13 until the turnoff to 13/5.
  • Travel northeast on 13/5 until the turnoff to 7/13.
  • County Road 7/13 continues past the community of Shanghai to County Road 20.
  • Travel south on County Road 20 until the community of Gerrardstown.
  • At Gerrardstown, travel southwest on SR 51 to the turn off to County Road 51/1.
  • Travel south on 51/1 to 13/3.
  • 13/3 leads back to Charlestown and US 340, where the byway ends.