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  • Living History in Shepherdstown

    Two men in historical costumes representing the Civil War and colonial periods stand outside for the Shepherdstown event in autumn.

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  • Park Entrance and Stately Building

    An arch leads out of the Berkeley Hot Springs park toward a stately golden building downtown.

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  • Red and Golds of Autumn at Berkeley Castle

    Set against the colorful trees, Berkeley Castle is a bit of Old World England tucked away in West Virginia.

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  • Old Time Advertising

    Along the side of the road, a brightly painted barn still shows an advertisement.

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  • Berkeley Springs State Park

    Dappled sunlight falls over the white-stoned buildings at Berkeley Springs.

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  • A Reflection of Autumn

    A blaze of color is reflected in the clear waters of Lake Siri.

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  • Van Metre Ford Stone Bridge

    The stone arches of the Van Metre Ford Bridge still stand guard over Opequon Creek.

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  • Hazy Blue Skies Near Mills Gap

    Hayfields dot the extensive green landscape while tree-covered hills slope gently in the distance.

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  • Reaching for the Sky

    The spires of this brownstone church reach for the clouds.

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  • Harper's Ferry

    From a high vantage point, you can see the town of Harper's Ferry nestled in the loop of a river.

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