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  • Campus Martius Sign

    The huge Campus Martius stands on this plaza.

  • Fountain in Grand Circus Park

    A fountain trickles water into a circular reservoir in Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit.

  • Church near Grand Circus Park

    A clock tower and steeple on a church point skyward next to Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit.

  • Fountain and Detroit Opera House

    The Detroit Opera House is next to Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit.

  • Sculpture in Grand Circus Park

    A bronze sculpture of a seated man sits in Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit.

  • A Busy Intersection in Detroit

    Cars and buses make their way through the intersection of Jefferson and Woodward in downtown Detroit.

  • Arches and Skyscrapers

    Arches in Grand Circus Park are near a lamppost, skyscraper, and the Detroit Opera House in downtown Detroit.

  • Detroit Skyline

    The tall clean lines of skyscrapers form part of the Detroit skyline as seen from Hart Plaza.

  • Dancing in the Streets

    A couple dances at one of the live outdoor performances at Comerica TasteFest.

  • Grilling the Kabobs in Detroit

    One of the cooks turns the skewered meats and vegetables on the grill at Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Family Finger Food

    A family enjoys some of the fast food at TasteFest.

  • Dog and Man at Barnyard Express

    Farmer John and his "sheepdog" pose by the red and white barnshaped entry of Barnyard Express at Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Texas BBQ and Buffalo Grill

    Hungry folks attending the Comerica TasteFest in Detroit crowd around one vendor offering a Texas BBQ and Buffalo Grill, run by Kola's Food Factory.

  • Sampling Detroit Spices

    Two customers take a sniff of one of the spice mixtures for sale by the Detroit Spice firm at TasteFest.

  • Detroit Spice Company Samples

    Curry, barbecure, steak and other seasonings are some of the spice mixtures for sale by the Detroit Spice Company at TasteFest.

  • Jazz Festival at the Dodge Fountain in Hart Plaza

    Festival-goers find plenty of fair food to enjoy while they admire the watery walls of the Dodge Fountain in Hart Plaza, Detroit.

  • Dipping in the Fountain

    A young girl cools off in Dodge Fountain during the Jazz Festival in Detroit.

  • Performance at the Jazz Festival

    Live shows like this one are a feature of the Jazz Festival in Detroit.

  • Chess Players at the Jazz Festival

    Even the pervasive jazz at the festival doesn't disturb these intent chess players.

  • Brass Horn Player at the Jazz Festival

    A man plays a copper flugelhorn at the Jazz Festival in Detroit.

  • Walkway on Detroit Avenue

    A brick sidewalk passes beneath a pedestrian overpass, highlighting two ways pedestrians navigate downtown Detroit.

  • Stores in Downtown Ferndale

    A shopper strolls past the House of Chants in downtown Ferndale.

  • Hanging Glass Kites

    Inside the Compuware Corporation Headquarters building in Detroit hangs a water "fountain," consisting of 15 colorful glass kites. At more than 14 stories tall, this fountain is the largest indoor hanging glass sculpture in the world.

  • Bunches of Beads

    Bead necklaces of all sizes and colors are displayed at the DJenneBeads booth at TasteFest.

  • Dragonfly Boutique Wares

    Tins of fruit, flower, and herb-scented creams and lotions make a colorful display at TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Mansion in Arden Park

    This three-story mansion appears to be built of rough white stone.

  • Theater in Ferndale

    An old-style marquee announces upcoming shows at a main street theater in downtown Ferndale.

  • Brats on the Grill

    Green peppers and onions wait to garnish brats or polish sausages at the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival in downtown Pontiac.

  • Ford Auditorium Marquee Sign Welcomes the World

    The Ford Auditorium sign stands near a tall office building in downtown Detroit. A public plaza, Hart Plaza, next to the Detroit River, is the former location of a coal yard and office of one of Henry Ford’s inventors. It is where the incorporation papers were signed to form the Ford Motor Company.

  • Nine Mile Road

    Old-style lampposts line Nine Mile Road in the primary shopping district of Ferndale.

  • The Cathedral of Finance

    The Guardian Building is a historic skyscraper in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Built in 1928 and finished in 1929, the building (originally called the Union Trust Building) is a bold example of Art Deco architecture, including some art moderne designs. Covering an entire city block, the main frame of the skyscraper rises 36 stories, capped by two asymmetric spires, one extending for four additional stories. The height of the building is 489 feet (149 m). The exterior blends brickwork with tile, limestone, and terra cotta. Nicknamed the "Cathedral of Finance," the building's interior is lavishly decorated with mosaic and Pewabic and Rookwood tile. Native American themes are common inside and outside the building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • An African Influence

    A woman in a headscarf works on a craft project at a table at the Jambolayah Creative Coop, while a man looks at a brightly colored shirt.

  • Shopping on Nine Mile Road

    Traffic on Nine Mile Road gets a little heavy as shoppers visit the many stores in Ferndale.

  • Guardian Building

    The red-brick Guardian Building towers over downtown Detroit.

  • Avenue and Church Near Comerica Park on the Woodward

    A beautiful grey brick church, near Comerica Park, on the Woodward Avenue Scenic Byway.

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  • Cranbrook Driveway on Woodward Avenue Scenic Byway

    A winter view of Cranbrook Driveway on Woodward Avenue Scenic Byway.

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  • Cranbrook Driveway at Woodward Avenue

    Cranbrook Driveway at Woodward Avenue, is lined with leafless trees on grounds covered with snow.

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  • Cranbrook Academy Sculpture Garden on Woodward Avenue

    The Cranbrook Academy sculpture garden located on Woodward Avenue, covered with a blanket of winter snow.

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  • Roadway in Cranbrook Academy on Woodward Avenue

    A winter view of snow covered Cranbrook Academy on Woodward Avenue.

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  • Woodward Avenue

    Trafic on Woodward Avenue on a snowy winter day

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  • Winter View of Woodward Avenue

    Winter view of Woodward Avenue with leafless trees and snow covered grounds.

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  • Coamerica Park on Woodward Avenue Scenic Byway

    A winter view of Coamerica Park on Woodward Avenue Scenic Byway

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  • Woodward Avenue Scenic Byway in Detroit

    A winter view of Woodward Avenue Scenic Byway in Detroit.

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  • Woodward Avenue in Detroit

    A winter view of Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

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  • Cranbrook Academy Sculpture Garden

    This contemporary art museum boasts an outdoor sculpture garden, as well as other meaningful exhibits.

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  • Fox Theater on Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

    Street view of Fox Theater on a winter day in Detroit.

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  • Planter with Flowers in Ferndale

    A cement planter full of pink and yellow flowers decorates the brick sidewalk on a corner in Ferndale.

  • Hard Rock Cafe

    The Hard Rock Cafe was added to the dining level of the Compuware Corporate Headquarters Building in late 2003.

  • Detroit Historical Museum

    Flagpoles with coats of arms from England on their bases stand before the Detroit Historical Museum as seen from the Plaza.

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  • Watching for a Taste of Ferndale

    People relax under sunshades downtown at the Taste of Ferndale Festival.

  • Ladies in Bronze

    One of the bronze sculptures by Carl Milles in the gardnes of Cranbrook Academy of Art is of two Greek nudes holding hands.

  • Red Wings Victory Parade down Woodward Avenue

    Through a canyon of skyscrapers one can see the 2008 Red Wings Stanley Cup Victory Parade and some of the 1million people that came to celebrate. The Skyline on the other side of the river is Canada, one of the only locations where Canada is actually south of the United States. The park at the foot of Woodward Avenue, Hart Plaza, is where the Ford Motor Company was established in the offices of what was a coal yard of Alexander Malcomson, an investor. This same general location was the end of the road for the slaves taking the Underground Railroad to freedom in Canada and where French explorer Cadillac landed and established the City of Detroit over 300 years ago.

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  • Boston-Edison Historic District

    The white framed sign in the grassy and treed median of one of the streets announces the historic neighborhood of Boston-Edison.

  • Kabobs on the Grill

    Huge skewers of meat and vegetables on an outdoor grill create a mouthwatering picture.

  • Tasting Food in Ferndale

    People get a good taste of Ferndale cuisine at the Taste of Ferndale Festival.

  • Ferndale Main Street

    The shopping district in Ferndale has many retail storefronts to entice visitors, including a paperbook store, a clothing shop, and a bar & grill.

  • Retro Look in Downtown Ferndale

    Sidewalk canopies and retro signage contribute to an old-style Main Street look in this block of the shopping district in downtown Ferndale.

  • Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

    Made in the same stone as the museum, the head of a creature molded in an African art style opens its mouth wide above the entrance.

  • Seated at the Riverside

    Two gentlemen relax at one of the tables near the Detroit River in Hart Plaza.

  • Detroit Main Public Library

    Seven tall arches span the front of the Detroit Public Library.

  • Memorial to Joe Louis

    This massive sculpture of a giant arm, entitled "Joe Louis Fist," is a tribute to the boxer nicknamed "The Brown Bomber."

  • Detroit Historical Museum

    A drugstore is part of a small Main Street in this life-size exhibit inside the Detroit Historical Museum.

  • Reuther Library

    The glass sides of the Walter P. Reuther Library, part of Wayne State University in Detroit, reflect surrounding buildings and trees budding with spring flowers.

  • Daffodils in Downtown Detroit

    A warm spring day brings out daffodils and diners in Detroit.

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  • Detroit Science Center

    Bright posters decorate the modern facade of the Detroit Science Center.

  • Detroit People Mover on Elevated Track

    The People Mover, the city's Light Rail train, moves through downtown Detroit on an elevated track in this photo.

  • Passengers on the Light Rail

    People sit facing each other in the People Mover, the Detroit's downtown Light Rail.

  • Bonstelle Theater at Wayne State University

    The Bonstelle Theater at Wayne State University is a solid white stone structure, possibly marble, graced by a green copper dome.

  • Birdhouse at the Detroit Zoo

    A domed, hexagonal stone structure houses the birds at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Center Galleries

    Gentle lighting illuminates one of the art galleries at the Detroit Cultural Center.

  • Diego Rivera Mural at the Detroit Institute of Arts

    Visitors to the Detroit Institute of Arts marvel at the amazing mural by Mexican artist Diego Rivera.

  • Hecker House in Detroit

    The Hecker House, with its turrets and castle-style design, stands out in this winter view of Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

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  • Signs of Greektown

    Signs and awnings for restaurants and stores with a Greek flair hang out over the sidewalk in the Greektown area of Detroit.

  • Front Entrance to the Detroit Institute of Arts

    Sunlight shines brightly on the stately front entrance of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

  • Entering Arden Park -- East Boston Historic District

    The East Boston Historic District is one of the largest and oldest historic districts in Boston. Many of these homes were built by prominent names in the automobile industry.

  • Orange Flamingo at Detroit Zoo

    The tropical color of this long-beaked and necked bird stands out against the green foliage at the Birdhouse in the Detroit Zoo.

  • Band at Festival

    The beat is on at a night performance by a band at the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival in downtown Pontiac.

  • Singer at Festival

    A guitarist sings at a night performance at the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival in downtown Pontiac.

  • Comerica Park

    The new baseball stadium for the Detroit Tigers is located just south of the Fisher Freeway. The stadium will open in April, 2000.

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  • Detail of the Rivera Court Mural

    Workers in Detroit's automotive industry are depicted in this mural by Mexican artist Diego Rivera at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

  • Barry Gordy Home

    This was once the home of Barry Gordy, founder and owner of the Motown records company.

  • I Want That One!

    Children let their parents know their choice among the many foods offered at the TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Photos and Ginger Ale Sign

    A globe, a rack of matted photos and other items make up this display for the Pure Detroit booth at Comerica's TasteFest.

  • Singer at the Jazz Festival

    A lady sings at the Jazz Festival in Detroit.

  • Hot Sax at the Jazz Festival

    This live performance features the saxophone at the Jazz Festival in Detroit.

  • Taking a Break at TasteFest

    A couple sits down beside pink and orange flowers to enjoy a bite at TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Crowds at Hart Plaza

    The Jazz Festival attracts a crowd to downtown Detroit's Hart Plaza on the riverfront.

  • Happy at TasteFest

    Two people smile while enjoying some of the food at TasteFest in Detroit.

  • T-Shirts from Pure Detroit

    Shoppers browse through colorful t-shirts for sale at one of the booths at Comerica's TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Pedestrians at the Jazz Festival

    Skyscrapers of the New Center tower over pedestrians on a walkway at the Jazz Festival in Detroit.

  • Sitting Down for a Bite

    Outside Cadillac Place in Detroit, everyone comes together to sample the tasty treats at the Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • TasteFest at Fisher Theatre

    Lots of people walk in the shade of the Fisher Building at TasteFest.

  • Big Bites and Big Eyes

    A youngster tries a bite of a roasted ear of corn at TasteFest.

  • International Freedom Festival Fireworks

    America's largest fireworks display takes place during the Detroit-Windsor International Freedom Festival.

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  • Crowds at TasteFest

    People crowd the streets as they walk from booth to booth to try food at TasteFest.

  • Street Market

    Lots of crafts are offered by street vendors at the Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Waiting for a Boat Ride

    Eager travelers wait in front of a statue on the riverfront for their boat ride. Behind them rises the Detroit skyline.

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  • Close Up of Van Gogh Self-Portrait

    The Detroit Institue of Arts has one of Van Gogh's self portraits in its permanent collection.

  • Parrots in a Tree

    Two colorful parrots happily chatter in a tree at the Birdhouse in the Detroit Zoo.

  • Detroit Opera House

    One side of the Detroit Opera House is sleek and modern, faced with white stone.

  • Detroit Opera House

    One side of the Detroit Opera House is glass and brick with a red canopy, and faces a busy street.

  • Mansion on Boston Street

    This mansion is on Boston Street, across the road from the Charles T. Fisher house at 670 W. Boston and its neighbor, the W. C. Briggs house.

  • Detroit Red Wings Wave to Fans

    Detroit Red Wings Hockey fans cheer as the Stanley Cup winners ride down Woodward Avenue in a truck painted with the team logo and colors.

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  • Detroit Red Wings Parade

    Police motorcycles escort the 2008 Stanley Cup winners down Woodward Avenue in Detroit past cheering fans.

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  • The Stanley Cup in Detroit

    A member of the Detroit Red Wings holds the Stanley Cup aloft in the victory parade following the Red Wings' 2008 hockey win.

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  • Cheering the 2008 Stanley Cup Winners

    Throngs of fans along Woodward Avenue celebrate the 2008 Stanley Cup victory with members of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team.

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  • Greektown Casino

    Neon lights on a tall casino sign signify the Greektown area of Detroit.

  • Vendors at TasteFest

    A red balloon draws the eye to one of the food vendors in a line of canopies at the Comerica Taste Fest.

  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra

    The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is prepared to perform on the decorative stage at their home in the Fisher Music Center.

  • Tiger-Striped  Butterfly

    An orange and black striped butterfly displays its beautiful wings in the Butterfly Exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Detroit River and Bridge

    From the Detroit Riverwalk, along the Detroit River, you can see a suspension bridge on the horizon.

  • Bridge over the Detroit River

    People stroll along the Detroit Riverwalk toward a suspension bridge as seagulls fly overhead.

  • Looking Down on the Detroit River

    Look toward the Detroit River and the Gateway to Freedom Sculpture can be seen.

  • Gateway to Freedom on the Detroit Riverwalk

    The Gateway to Freedom sculpture stands next to the Detroit Riverwalk.

  • Entrance to the Tunnel to Canada

    Cross over south into the Canadian city of Windsor from Detroit in this tunnel.

  • Diamond Jim Boat Tours

    This gentleman will be happy to take you on a boat tour of the Detroit River.

  • Fox Theater

    Two sphinxes and a neon sign in Egyptian style grace the front of the Fox Theater in Detroit.

  • Benjamin Siegel House

    The Benjamin Siegel House is at 150 W. Boston. Benjamin Siegel is the founder of the B. Siegel department store. It was designed by Detroit architect Albert Kahn and constructed in 1915.

  • Walkway at the Butterfly Exhibit

    A blue butterfly flits across the path from tree to tree inside the Butterfly Exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Automobile Toll Booth

    A car crosses from Detroit, U.S., to Windsor, Canada, by first passing through a tollbooth.

  • American Flags in Greektown

    Strings of flags line the street in the Greektown area of Detroit while banners announce its 100th Anniversary.

  • Glass Ceiling at the Butterfly Exhibit

    A blue sky shines through the glass ceiling at the Butterfly Exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Ice Skating on Campus Martius

    Skaters glide past a Christmas tree standing at one end of an outdoor ice arena in Campus Martius in downtown Detroit.

  • Cobo Conference and Exhibition Center

    Cubes are the motif in the architecture of this conference center in Detroit, where the North American Auto Show is held each year.

  • Inside the Compuware Building

    Several of the colorful glass kites which make up the largest indoor hanging glass sculpture in the world can be seen inside the Compuware Corporate Headquarters in downtown Detroit.

  • Detroit Institute of Arts

    The Detroit Institute of Arts is the Nation's fifth largest art museum. The DIA offers more than 100 galleries with ancient to contemporary art.

  • Fireworks at the Freedom Festival

    Bright fireworks illuminate the night sky above the Detroit River and downtown Detroit.

  • Compuware World Headquarters

    The 16-floor Compuware Corporate Headquarters building takes up an entire city block in downtown Detroit. The streets it borders are Campus Martius, Gratiot Avenue, Monroe Street, and Woodward Avenue.

  • Otter in the Water

    An otter swims underwater at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Primate at the Detroit Zoo

    A long-furred primate with a white and black face stretches his (or her) long limbs at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Strolling Tiger

    A tiger strolls past, intent on something ahead, at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Meat on the Grill

    One of the many food vendors at the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival in downtown Pontiac turns huge slabs of meat on the grill.

  • Skyscraper over Grand Circus Park

    A narrow skyscaper towers over the green trees of Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit.

  • Artistic Interior of the Guardian Building

    American Indian themes are common inside the lavish interior of the Guardian Building in downtown Detroit.

  • Gateway to Freedom

    This sculpture honors the cities of Windsor, Canada, and Detroit, Michigan, for their support of the Underground Railroad.

  • Summertime Audience

    Rows of people relax in the summer sun to enjoy performances at the Comerica TasteFest.

  • Farmer John and Pony at TasteFest

    Clad in denim overalls, Farmer John chats with the audience, assisted by a small brown pony, at Barnyard Express.

  • Shiny Bangles

    Silver and gold, copper and bronze -- all kinds of metallic bracelets and bangles are for sale at Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Serving Up Drinks at the Town Pump

    A smiling bartender for the Town Pump pours a fruit juice into a cup for a customer at the Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Cranbrook Educational Community Woodward Entrance

    Neon blue highlights this sculpture at the entrance to the Cranbrook Educational Community.

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  • Arts, Beats and Eats

    Striped tents line the street of the Arts, Beats, and Eats festival.

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  • Fox Theater

    The Fabulous Fox Theater is one of the most spetacular movie palaces in the United States. Now a performing arts center, it is one of the country's most successful theater restorations.

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  • The Detroit Skyline and the Detroit River

    The Detroit River is a designated American Heritage River and is the most frequently travelled international boundary between Canada and the United States.

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  • Michigan Taste Fest

    The Michigan Taste Fest is held in the New Center on W. Grand Boulevard every year in early July. This outdoor smorgasbord features five days of world-class food and entertainment.

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  • Lower Woodward Historic District

    Located on Woodward Avenue north of State Street. National Register Historic District containing numerous former retail and office buildings. Significant loft development activity is underway in these buildings.

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  • Project Bandaloop on Scarab Club Wall

    Six members of the dance troupe, Project Bandaloop, perform on the side of a building in Detroit as part of the Festival of the Arts.

  • Thanksgiving Parade

    A giant nutcracker balloon is one of the parade floats in downtown Detroit's Thanksgiving Parade.

  • Judge Augustus B. Woodward

    This sideways bust drawing of Judge Woodward was done by a caricaturist and may not be true to life.

  • Black Car at Dream Cruise

    A great black car is ready for viewing in one of the parking lots at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Engine In View

    The engine of this red touring car is open for view at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Cruising the Avenue

    Happy historic car owners cruise past the tents on the cruise grounds at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Canopies and Crowds

    Colorful Tents and brightly-dressed people enliven the streets of Detroit at Comerica Taste Fest.

  • Grand Circus Park Historic District

    An arial view of the Grand Circus Park Historic District shows the Central United Methodist Church, the renovated Detroit Opera House, the David Whitney Building and more.

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  • Masonic Temple

    The Detroit Masonic Temple rises 14 stories, towering over the trees.

  • Lady and Apple

    One of the bronze nudes at Cranbrook Academy of Art is of a Grecian lady holding an apple.

  • Statue Vista Toward Lake

    Four small statues line a break in a wall where a lake can be seen through a gap in tall evergreens at the Cranbrook Academy of Art.

  • Cherub Fountain at Cranbrook

    Winged cherubs make up part of this tall water fountain on the grounds of Cranbrook.

  • Water Fountain at Cranbrook

    A figure who resembles Atlas holding up the world is part of this water fountain on the grounds of Cranbrook Academy of Art.

  • Europa and the Bull

    This bronze sculpture by Carl Milles depicts the maiden Europa being carried away by the Greek God Zeus, who had taken the form of a bull. It is located at the Cranbrook Academy of Arts.

  • Reflecting Ponds at Cranbrook

    Successive rectangular ponds reflect a sculpture and the tall pillars of a building at the end of an avenue of trees at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

  • Cranbrook Art Museum

    Long steps lead up to the tall straight pillars of the Cranbrook Art Museum.

  • Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum

    A tall rectangular pillar of cement and glass graces the center of a roundabout before the Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum.

  • Skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

    The skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the exhibits inside the Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum.

  • Walking the Grounds of Cranbrook

    Visitors stroll a walkway between tall trees on the grounds of Cranbrook.

  • Grilling Up Shish Kabobs Along Woodward Avenue (M-1)

    A smiling grillmeister cooks up tasty skewers of meat and vegetables at one of the eateries at the Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Guitarist at Festival

    A guitar player performs at a night show on the stage at the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival in downtown Pontiac.

  • General Motors Global Headquarters from Hart Plaza

    General Motors Global Headquarters is located on the Detroit River next to Hart Plaza. The current headquarters are located in a a series of glass cylinder structures, the tallest in the center is 72 stories high.

  • General Motors Building

    The sleek towers of the General Motors Building reflect surrounding buildings in downtown Detroit. General Motors Global Headquarters consists of 5 dramatic glass cylinders - the center being the tallest at 72 floors.

  • Crowd at Festival

    City buildings tower over Woodward Avenue, which is crowded with people for the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival in downtown Pontiac.

  • Food at the Festival

    Ribs, deep fried cheesecake, and even alligator meat is on the menu of this vendor at the Art, Beats and Eats Festival in downtown Pontiac.

  • Festival Night Lights

    A brightly-lit ferris wheel is the centerpiece of this night shot from the stands at the Woodward Avenue Arts, Beats and Eats Festival in downtown Pontiac.

  • Entrance to the Historic General Motors Headquarters Building

    Renamed Cadillac Place in 2002 to honor Detroit's founding father, the Historic General Motors Headquarters Building is a National Historic Landmark. The 2-story tripled arched entranceway and ornamentation provides a grand entryway into this National Historic Landmark. The exquisite architecture and grandeur of the building provides a glimpse into the prosperity the industry once enjoyed.

  • Marveling at a Museum Mural

    Standing under a bright blue sky on Woodward Avenue, a woman gazes onward at the captivating graffiti mural on the side of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

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  • Presenting Designation Plaque to Michigan's Woodward Avenue

    Michigan's Woodward Avenue receives their designation plaque at the Designation 2002 event at Union Station in Washington DC.

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  • Taking a Segway Tour in Downtown Detroit

    The Segway Downtown Detroit Tour takes visitors on a two-hour tour through the fascinating Motor City.

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  • Statue Honoring the Underground Railroad

    A sculpture of slaves pointing toward freedom in Canada from the US side of the Detroit River honors those involved in the Underground Railroad.

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  • Looking South to Freedom

    A memorial to Detroit's role in the Underground Railroad depicts slaves seeking freedom and a man pointing the way to Canada across the Detroit River.

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  • National Shrine of the Little Flower

    The white stone pillar of the National Shrine of the Little Flower rises from the earth.

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  • Downtown Pontiac

    The early 20th-century architecture welcomes visitors to Pontiac, the northern terminus of Woodward Avenue.

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  • Detroit Zoo Entrance

    Red flowers line the sign that welcomes visitors to the Detroit Zoo.

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  • Hilberry - Wayne State University

    Grecian columns support the facade of the Hilberry Theater at Wayne State University.

  • Moon over The Max

    A crescent moon rises over The Max (Omnimax Theater) in this artist's rendition.

  • State Theater

    The marquee of the State Theater in Detroit is on the corner of an old-style office building.

  • The Former Home of John Dodge

    Red begonias line the sidewalk in front of the gated Tutor Style home which served as the former residence of John Dodge in the Arden Park area of the East Boston Historic District.

  • Rapid Motor Vehicle Company Factory

    Rapid Motor Vehicle Company was the precursor to GMC Trucks, later simply GMC. The company was started in 1902 and purchased in 1909 by GM.

  • Colonel Frank Hecker House

    The Col. Frank J. Hecker House, an imposing example of French Chateauesque style architecture, was built by one of Detroit's most well-known and wealthy turn-of-the century citizens. It appears like a fairyland castle with the small windows lining the turrets.

  • Downtown Birmingham

    The flags of many nations hang over the sidewalk in downtown Birmingham.

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  • Underwater Tunnel

    One attraction of the Arctic Ring of Life exhibit at the Detroit Zoo, the transparent underwater tunnel, brings the marine life close to you.

  • Fountain at Detroit Zoo

    Water cascading over this fountain at the Detroit Zoo obscures the features of two creatures at its base.

  • Family Viewing

    Windows in walls give visitors a peek into small worlds of various amphibians at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Entrance Sign to National Amphibian Conservation Center

    A three-circle sign announces the entrance and sponsor of the National Amphibian Conservation Center at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Entrance Sign to the Arctic Ring of Life

    A polar bear is featured on the entrance sign to the Detroit Zoo's Arctic Ring of Life.

  • The Fisher Building

    Designed by architect Albert Kahn, placed on the National Historic Register in 1980, and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989, the gradiated lines of the Fisher Building remain a landmark in the New Center area of downtown Detroit. “Detroit’s largest art object,” “A Cathedral to Commerce,” and “The Fisher Brother’s gift to the city of the Detroit” are phrases that have been used to describe the Fisher building. The building features a 28-story set-back Art Deco tower.

  • The Spirit of Detroit

    The Spirit of Detroit is made of bronze and in his left hand, the figure holds a gilt bronze sphere emanating rays to symbolize God. In his right hand is a family group symbolizing all human relationships.

  • The Millennium Bell

    The ten-ton Millennium Bell hangs from arches that stretch 40 feet across and stand 26 feet tall.

  • Looking at Woven Works

    Two women admire the hand-knitted or crocheted scarves and other wares for sale at one of the booths at Detroit's Festival of the Arts.

  • Horses up Woodward Avenue

    Possibly a drawing rather than a photograph, this old image shows Woodward Avenue in the 1890s, looking north from downtown.

  • World's Largest Stove

    Carved in oak but painted to look like metal, this huge stove was one called the largest in the world. It was exhibited at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago and was a copy of a "Garland" model kitchen range built by the Michigan Stove Company. It was 25 feet high, 30 feet long, and 20 feet wide. In 1974 the stove was disassembled and the pieces placed in storage at the Fort Wayne Military Museum

  • Chrysler Headquarters

    This historic photo shows the Chrysler Headquarters building, probably at its original location on Jefferson Avenue in Highland Park. It was demolished in the early 1990s.

  • Hedges Wigwam

    Hedges Wigwam, a restaurant from the 1940s, remains alive in memory in this historic photo showing the signature wigwam and log-cabin-style construction. The statues shown before the door in other historic photos are missing, however, and the wigwam is in sad shape.

  • Automobile Assembly at the Ford Highland Park Plant

    The black body of a Ford is dropped onto the wheel base on the assembly line of the Ford Highland Park Plant.

  • Woodware Avenue from the Air

    Woodward Avenue in the heart of Detroit is crowded with office buildings in this historic photo of Grand Circus Park taken from the air in 1935.

  • First Car Through Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

    In 1930, a lone car makes its way through the newly-opened tunnel between Detroit, U.S.A., and Windsor, Canada.

  • TasteFest in New Center

    Crowds fill the New Center area of Detroit to attend TasteFest.

  • New Center Sign

    Trees decorate this sign marking the New Center area of downtown Detroit.

  • Fisher Theatre in New Center

    The Fisher Theatre stands at ground level of the Fisher Building in the New Center area of Detroit.

  • Stately Wings of Cadillac Place

    Cadillac Place in New Center Detroit, once called the General Motors Building, is one of the finest examples of historic office architecture in the nation.

  • Flag over Cadillac Place in New Center

    Flags and a clock decorate one of the entrances to the multi-storied walls of the General Motors Building, renamed Cadillac Place in 2002.

  • Laughing Boy at Festival of the Arts

    A child laughs during a performance at the Festival of the Arts in Detroit.

  • Clowns on the Midway

    A clownish cop waves to passersby at the Michigan State Fair.

  • World's Finest Carnival

    The "World's Finest Carnival" can be found at the Michigan State Fair.

  • Getting into the Music

    Evening fairgoers dance to a live performance at the Michigan State Fair.

  • Welcome to the Michigan State Fair

    A banner above a corn and chili dog vendor proclaims their 156th greeting of visitors to the Michigan State Fair.

  • Happy Waves from the Merry-Go-Round

    Smiling riders on the carousel at the Michigan State Fair wave at onlookers as they go around and around.

  • Pirate Ride at the Michigan State Fair

    Fairgoers wait their turn to ride "The Pirate" at the Michigan State Fair.

  • Game on the Midway

    Huge stuffed dolphins entice fairgoers to try this game on the midway of the Michigan State Fair.

  • Carousel at the Fair

    Excited fairgoers enjoy riding the horses on the merry-go-round at the Michigan State Fair.

  • Winner at the Fair

    A lucky winner totes his prize, a huge stuffed dog, home from the Michigan State Fair.

  • Take Flight at the Michigan State Fair

    Youngsters enjoy a hang glider-style ride at the Michigan State Fair.

  • Booth on the Midway

    Visitors to the Michigan State Fair wait for their chance to win prizes at one of the game booths on the midway.

  • A Tall Greeting at the State Fair

    Two costumed people at the Michigan State Fair stand high on stilts to greet fairgoers.

  • Performance at the Michigan State Fair

    A band of three play acoustic instruments at the Michigan State Fair.

  • Indoor Exhibits at the Michigan State Fair

    Wooden boxes, musical intruments, scarfs and other items are just some of the things for display and sale at the commercial exhibits at the Michigan State Fair.

  • Young Boy and Goat

    A young boy gets a close look at one of the goats in a pen at the Michigan State Fairgrounds.

  • Looking at You

    A black floppy-eared goat looks through the pen bars in a barn at the Michigan State Fairgrounds.

  • Feeding a Long-Eared Goat

    A young girl offers a wisp of straw to one of the long-eared goats in a pen at the Michigan State Fair.

  • Red Bannisters at Joe Louis Arena

    Stairs at Joe Louis Arena are painted a bright red, perhaps fitting for the home of the Detroit Red Wings.

  • Joe Louis Arena

    An old-style billboard proclaims this area to be the "Home of the Red Wings."

  • Ford Field and Plaza

    The plaza outside Ford Field and its neighboring parking structure is crisscrossed with sidewalks.

  • Ford Field Entrance

    Shadows fall across the road outside the curved glass and red brick structure of Ford Field's entrance.

  • Tigers at Comerica Park Gates

    Tiger heads decorate the walls of a building near the home of the Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park.

  • Comerica Park Gates

    Great tigers snarl over folks waiting at the ticket counter to enter Comerica Park in Detroit

  • Lake at Cranbrook

    Clouds and trees reflect in the mirror-still waters of a lake at Cranbrook Gardens.

  • Outdoor Stairs at Cranbrook

    Two people climb a set of outdoor stairs at Cranbrook Gardens.

  • House at Cranbrook

    Brown beams in white walls (like Dutch or Tudor style) grace the gables of this large home at Cranbrook.

  • Cranbrook Entrance Sign

    Simplicity of line and style marks the brown and gold entrance sign to Cranbrook.

  • Garden Paths at Cranbrook Garden

    Flowers line the pathways and lawns at a long walking area at Cranbrook Gardens.

  • Lion on the Land

    A maned lion relaxes on the grass at one of the outdoor habitats in the Detroit Zoo.

  • Peering into Another World

    Two visitors look closely to spot the amphibians in this live exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Wall of Amphibians

    In this gallery at the Detroit Zoo, half the room is a window into an amphibian tank.

  • Here's Looking at You

    A lion lazily watches you at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Proud Owners of Pure Detroit

    At the Comerica TasteFest in Detroit, the owners of the Pure Detroit company pose amidst their wares, which include shirts, belts, and hats.

  • Polar Bear Underwater

    A great polar bear cools off in the water at the Arctic Ring of Life exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Polar Bear Closeup

    The underwater windows at the Detroit Zoo give this amazing, closeup view of a polar bear.

  • Arctic Mammal

    A marine mammal, perhaps a sea lion, swims underwater at the Arctic exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Glimpses of Underwater Arctic Life

    Visitors walk through rooms with windows showing the underwater world of the arctic marineland in exhibits at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Giraffes at the Zoo

    The striking colors of these long-necked animals stand out against the rough rock of their outdoor habitat in this outside pen at the Detroit Zoo.

  • Arctic Ring of Life

    A half-globe inside a compass pointing south in all directions shows the northern hemisphere in the Arctic Ring of Life area of the Detroit Zoo.

  • Whirly Rides on the Midway

    Fairgoers have plenty of choices for exciting rides at the Michigan State Fair.

  • Transcending

    The sculpture "Transcending" by David Barr and fellow sculptor Sergio DeGiusti consists of two steel half arcs with bronze reliefs and honors Detroit's labor movement.

  • Michigan Soldiers and Sailors Monument

    This sculpture consists of a series of octagonal sections that rise up from the base of the monument. The lowest sections are topped by eagles with spread wings. The next section is surmounted by four male figures depicting the Navy, Infantry, Calvary, and Artillery branches of the U.S. Army. Four female figures, resting on pedestals, are above the male statues and represent Victory, History, Emancipation, and Union. Capping the monument is the heroic female Indian warrior figure "Michigan".

  • Still Water and Sculpture

    Pine trees, Japanese Maples, and a stone lamp rise from this pool in the Oriental Gardens at Cranbrook.

  • Oriental Lamp

    A concrete oriental lamp stands on the water's edge at Cranbrook.

  • Harmonious Gardens

    Plants, water, rock and sculptures form a peaceful scene in the Oriental Gardens at Cranbrook.

  • Orpheus

    Several bronze nudes dance around a fountain at Cranbrook Academy of Arts in this outdoor sculpture by Carl Milles.

  • Black-eyed Susans in the Oriental Gardens

    Black-eyed susans form a bank of yellow in one of the gardens of Cranbrook.

  • Upper Deck Field View of Comerica Park

    From the upper deck, attendees at a baseball game at Comerica Park get not only a great view of the game, but a great view of the Detroit skyline.

  • Comerica Park

    Cars are parked before one of the tiger-ornamented gates to Comerica Park in Detroit.

  • Sign at Bishop's Residence

    As this sign on the grounds of the home states, Bishop's Residence was built from 1924-1926 and was the home of three Catholic bishops: Michael J. Gallagher (1866-1937), Edward Cardinal Mooney (1937-1958), and John Francis Deardon (1959-1988.)

  • Driveway to Bishop's Residence

    A smooth narrow driveway leads up to the Bishop's Residence in Palmerwoods.

  • Sunny Lawn and Trees at Bishop's Residence

    Sunshine falls on a summer view of the Bishop's Residence in Palmerwoods, Detroit.

  • Bishop's Residence in Palmerwoods

    Trees and grass in full summer foliage partially obscure the brick and mortar structure of Bishop's Residence.

  • Skateboarder in the Air

    A skateboarder catches some air at a skateboard ramp set up at the Comerica TasteFest in Detroit's New Center.

  • Stretching for a Hold

    A young girl stretches for a hold on the rock climbing wall at Comerica TasteFest, held at the New Center in Detroit.

  • Rock Wall Crowded with Climbers

    Three people attack the rock climbing wall at the Comerical TasteFest in Detroit.

  • Rock Wall at Comerica Taste Fest

    A young girl conquers a rock climbing wall in front of the Fisher Building at the Comerica TasteFest in Detroit.

  • MGM Grand Detroit Casino Stage

    There's quite a crowd gathered for a performance at Comerica TasteFest.

  • Gateway to Palmerwoods Neighborhood

    An attractive sign highlights the forested nature of the neighborhood on this brick entrance sign to the Palmerwoods Area.

  • Rows of Cars and People

    Lots of cars and lots of people make for a great day of automobile enjoyment at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Ready to Cruise

    This brown antique car is ready to cruise the Avenue with its gleaming chrome, polished hood and fuzzy white dice hanging from the rear view mirror.

  • Woodward on the Dashboard

    A Woodward Avenue sign rests on the dashboard of this large-hooded car at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Historic Convertible

    The hood is up for two passersby to admire the engine on this champagne-colored antique Corvette in Detroit.

  • Yellow Roadster

    A speedy-looking car is ready to drive at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Dog, Car and Driver

    A white dog sits in the passenger seat of a silver open-top car during a drive at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Strolling Past Historic Automobiles

    Folks can view many historic cars after the parade at the park grounds during the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Showing Off the Engines

    Hoods are up and hearts are happy at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • Cruising Woodward Avenue

    Some people walk by historic cars parked at a blocked intersection on Woodward Avenue at the Dream Cruise in Detroit.

  • A Historic Parade

    A parade of historic cars fill two lanes of road as they drive on the Dream Cruise in Detroit.