Schoodic Scenic Byway

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  • View of Mount Desert Island from Schoodic Point

    Mount Desert Island, seen in the background, provides a smooth backdrop against the waves crashing on rocks at Schoodic Point.

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  • Dusk Over the Schoodic

    Dusk settles over the Schoodic region.

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  • Watson Farm

    Expansive farmland of the Watson Farm provides another unique landscape for visitors to appreciate.

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  • Crashing Surf in Acadia

    The Acadia region offers unparalleled surf and opportunities for visitors to explore the fascinating world of the tidal zone.

  • Hunting for Lobsters in Acadia

    A lobster boat makes its daily catch in the blue waters of Acadia.

  • The Hills of Acadia, Seen from Sullivan

    Sullivan Harbor offers panoramic views across Frenchman Bay to Mount Desert Island.

  • Six Miles of Untouched Coastline

    The Schoodic Peninsula Road curves along rocky coastline.

  • Myrick Cove

    Numerous small inlets and coves are waiting to be discovered along the Schoodic Scenic Byway.

  • Lobster Boats in the Atlantic

    Lobstering makes up one of Maine's most booming industries and has greatly influenced the local culture.

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