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  • View From Schoodic Point Road

    Near the end of Schoodic Point Road, the ocean comes close to the road, and there is a clear view of a flat, forested island.

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  • View of Mount Desert Island from Schoodic Point

    Mount Desert Island, seen in the background, provides a smooth backdrop against the waves crashing on rocks at Schoodic Point.

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  • Open Ocean from Schoodic Point

    This view from Schoodic Point reveals an open, calm ocean and a wave-swept rocky shore.

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  • Ocean at End of Schoodic Point Road

    This is the first view of the ocean from the end of the Schoodic Point Road.

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  • Ocean at Schoodic Point

    Soft ripples in the ocean and tree-covered islands are visible from Schoodic Point Road.

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  • Ocean and Rocks at Schoodic Point

    The thin blanket of clouds in the sky complements the calm ocean waters and rocky shoreline at Schoodic Point.

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  • View From Blueberry Hill

    The ocean creeps toward a rocky shore at Blueberry Hill.

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  • Shoreline From Blueberry Hill

    The rocky shoreline near Blueberry Hill juts out into the cold winter ocean waters.

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  • Coast and Ocean at Blueberry Hill

    At Blueberry Hill, the ocean crawls up to a stonefilled shoreline.

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  • Prospect Harbor Light

    A charming white house appears to dwarf the Prospect Harbor Light.

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  • Prospect Harbor Light and the Ocean

    Prospect Harbor Light overlooks rippling waters on a clear day.

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  • Prospect Harbor Light From a Distance

    From a distance, Prospect Harbor Light sits on the horizon, surrounded by the ocean and the shoreline.

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  • Rock Face at Schoodic Point

    This rock face at Birch Harbor on Schoodic Point adds character to the landscape.

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  • Rock Face Near the Ocean

    This rock face sits near the ocean at Schoodic Point.

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  • Lobster Boat at Winter Harbor

    The lobster boat in the distance is cruising away on the ocean near Winter Harbor.

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  • View of Mount Desert Island from Schoodic Head

    Looking from these rocks at Schoodic Head, Mount Desert Island lies along the horizon.

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  • Ocean and Coast from Schoodic Point

    The coastline and ocean along the horizon line are easily seen from Schoodic Point.

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  • Wharf on Schoodic Point Road

    This wharf sits at the end of Schoodic Point Road.

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  • Water Channels Near Birch Harbor

    Boats leave Birch Harbor and head toward the ocean, weaving their way through narrow water channels and past mud flats.

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  • Looking Down a Black Dike at Schoodic Head

    This cavity in the rocks at Schoodic Head forms a black dike which has been worn away by the ocean.

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  • Black Dike at Schoodic Head

    Ancient lava flows formed this black dike at Schoodic Head.

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  • View of the Ocean from Route 182

    The ocean, as well as a distant hawk, are visible in this winter view from Route 182.

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  • View from Blueberry Hill

    Lying on the horizon, Petit Manan is barely visible past a lone tree on Blueberry Hill.

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  • Low Tide from Route 1

    Frigid winter oceans are visible from Route 1 during low tide.

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  • The Hills of Acadia, Seen from Sullivan

    Sullivan Harbor offers panoramic views across Frenchman Bay to Mount Desert Island.

  • Federal Farmstead

    A beautiful historic home in Sullivan

  • Saltwater Farm and the Acadia Hills

    Because of this area's past agricultural based economy, numerous salt water farms predominate the landscape.

  • Vernacular  Public Architecture

    South Gouldsboro Village Library is one of many buildings on the Schoodic Scenic Byway that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Gateway to Schoodic Peninsula

    The Schoodic Peninsula Road provides access to some of the most pristine viewsheds in "Downeast" Maine.

  • Schoodic Peninsula

    This aerial view of Schoodic Peninsula shows a portion of the Schoodic Scenic Byway around Schoodic Head.

  • Little Moose Island, Arey Cove, and Schoodic Point

    At the very tip of Schoodic Peninsula, visitors are treated to great views from granite outcrops by pounding surf.

  • Frazer Point Picnic Area

    Two picnic areas are available on Schoodic Peninsula, they are located at Frazer Point and Schoodic Point.

  • A Working Harbor Along the Schoodic Scenic Byway

    Prospect Harbor is a village that obtains its livelihood from the sea.

  • Stone Cobbled Beaches Along the Schoodic Scenic Byway

    Typical of "Downeast" Maine is the lack of sand beaches and the ever present arctic cold water.

  • Bed and Breakfast Retreat

    Many bed and breakfasts, along with charming country inns, dot the Schoodic Scenic Byway, providing a wide variety of room and board options.

  • The Old Sullivan Stone Store

    This building was built as a general store back in 1842 from locally cut granite.

  • Harboring in Schoodic

    This harbor provides a safe spot for a visit to the mainland.

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  • Information Booth

    A visitor takes advantage of this informative kiosk provided by the Schoodic Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

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  • Myrick Cove

    Numerous small inlets and coves are waiting to be discovered along the Schoodic Scenic Byway.

  • Where the Road Meets the Sea

    The Schoodic Peninsula Road runs directly adjacent to the crashing surf of Acadia.

  • Hours of Discovery at Tidal Pools

    With the ten foot tidal difference at Schoodic, the viewsheds are always evolving throughout the day.

  • A Lighthouse Keeper's Dream

    Prospect Harbor Point Lighthouse is no longer manned, but has been automated by the Coast Guard. Its navigational guidance has been active since 1850.

  • Clamming Along the Schoodic Byway

    A visitor searches for some of Maine's famous clams along the shore.

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  • A Bus on Blueberry Hill

    Travelers take in the views from Blueberry Hill by bus.

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  • Gouldsboro Library

    The historic library in Gouldsboro has been standing for 70 years and continues to be an important addition to the community.

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  • Lobster Boats in the Atlantic

    Lobstering makes up one of Maine's most booming industries and has greatly influenced the local culture.

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  • Interpretive Signs at Schoodic Point

    Visitors take in the scenery and history of the Schoodic region from informational interpretive signs at Schoodic Point.

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  • Schoodic Education and Research Center

    The Schoodic Education and Research Center, also known as the Rockefeller House, was once a Navy base and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

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  • A Walk Along the Shores

    Visitors admire the views and weather of the Atlantic shoreline.

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  • A Stone House on the Schoodic Scenic Byway

    A simple stone home provides visitors with a glimpse into early settlement in the Schoodic region.

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  • Watson Farm

    Expansive farmland of the Watson Farm provides another unique landscape for visitors to appreciate.

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  • Dusk Over the Schoodic

    Dusk settles over the Schoodic region.

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  • Six Miles of Untouched Coastline

    The Schoodic Peninsula Road curves along rocky coastline.

  • Crashing Surf in Acadia

    The Acadia region offers unparalleled surf and opportunities for visitors to explore the fascinating world of the tidal zone.

  • Petit Manan Lighthouse

    The tower of Petit Manan Lighthouse extends heavenward on a clear Maine day.

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  • Hunting for Lobsters in Acadia

    A lobster boat makes its daily catch in the blue waters of Acadia.

  • Atlantic Puffins at Maine Coastal Island National Wildlife Refuge

    A small flock of the brightly-billed Atlantic Puffins perch on a rock near the ocean.

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