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  • Horses, Buggies, and Automobiles Share the Amish Country Byway

    Holmes County roads are shared by residents, visitors, and the areas diverse commerce as buggies, cars, and trucks come together.

  • Amish Buggy at Sunset

    The one constant symbol of the Amish Country Byway is the Amish buggy, as seen here silhouetted by the setting sun on the crest of a hill.

  • Log Cabin and School House

    A quaint log cabin and one-room, white-washed school house stand side by side at the Winesburg Heritage Park.

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  • The Cary House

    This photo features the stately, brick Cary House.

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  • Amish Country Farm House

    The whitewashed farmhouse stands in contrast to the surrounding greenery of the placid fields and thickly forested background.

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  • Riding a Horse-drawn Buggy in a Holmes County Parade

    A horse-drawn buggy in the Holmes County parade holds a loving couple enjoying the warm day.

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  • Victorian House and Museum

    Behind the green shrubs and lawn sits the Victorian House and Museum. Its 28 rooms feature various themes: there are turn-of-the-century law and medical offices, a child's room filled with antique toys, a room complete with Civil War artifacts, a sewing room containing Victorian dresses, and another room displaying a wide array of early musical instruments.

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  • Woman at Roadside Stand

    A woman stops to peruse the wares at a roadside stand across from Guggisberg Cheese in Holmes County. This Amish man is selling a variety of items, including wicker baskets.

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