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  • Fort Wilkins State Park

    Built in 1844, this 19th century military post provided order on the Keweenaw frontier. The fort has been restored and has museum exhibits and period interpretation. The Park is open mid-May to mid-October.

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  • Quincy Mine Hoist and Shafthouse

    The hoist was built in 1918 and is the world's largest steam hoist. The site includes underground mine tours, tours of the grounds, displays of authentic mining equipment, and a tram ride.

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  • Portage Lake Lift Bridge

    The widest and heaviest double-decker bridge in the world acts as the gateway to the Copper Country Trail. The blue and white Portage Lake Life Bridge spans the lake to give visitors a great view of the lake.

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  • Calumet & Hecla Warehouse Number 1

    The sun peeks through rolling clouds to shine on the red bricks of Calumet & Hecla Warehouse Number 1.

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  • Quincy #2 Shafthouse and Hoist House

    The #2 Shafthouse (left) and the Hoist House (right) are the Quincy Mine Company's main features. The steam hoist, still located inside, is the largest steam hoist in the world.

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  • Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

    The red and white lighthouse towers above a museum on top of a small cliff, leading down to the water.

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  • Hanka Homestead

    Log buildings from the 1920s sit on the lawn of a Finnish farmstead.

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  • Copper Harbor Lighthouse

    Waves crash against the shore near Copper Harbor Lighthouse Complex, part of the Fort Wilkins State Historic Park.

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  • Historic Calumet Theater

    Located in downtown Calumet, the Calumet Theater combines yellow and red bricks in stunning harmony.

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  • Copper Harbor Sunset

    A few boats maximize the view during this splendid sunset over Copper Harbor.

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  • Fall Foliage

    Fall foliage shouts out to the guest on the Copper Country Trail

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