Logan Canyon Scenic Byway

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  • Western Entrance to Logan Canyon

    Enter through the western opening of the canyon to find this view of grand mountains.

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  • Taking a Long Shot in Logan Canyon

    A golfer sets up a drive on the green at Logan Golf & Country Club above the west end of Logan Canyon.

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  • Driving Through Logan Canyon Near Red Bridge

    Snow dusts the mountains behind a curve in the road near the entrance to Logan Canyon.

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  • Limestone Outcroppings Along Logan Canyon Scenic Byway

    Mile-high, vertical, limestone cliffs are located in many locations along the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway.

  • Tour Bus in Logan Canyon

    A tour bus travels the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway during the spectacular fall. The brilliant red of the maple trees is set against the limestone outcroppings. This is a very popular route from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone.

  • Third Dam/Spring Hollow

    This is a popular spot for fly fisherman to catch a blue-ribbon trout. Visitors to this site can access several hiking trails and enjoy the beautiful fall color.

  • Hiking Trail at Spring Hollow

    This trail can be accessed at Third Dam/Spring Hollow, just off the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway. The trail leads to the springs and onward to the Crimson Trail.

  • Third Dam in Autumn

    The slopes of Logan Canyon, covered in brilliant red maples, are reflected in the still waters of Third Dam.

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  • Mountains by the Curve of Wood Camp Campground

    Mountains are seen above the highway by the curve of Wood Camp Campground.

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  • Start of the Blind Hollow Trail in Logan Canyon

    The view down Logan Canyon at the start of Blind Hollow Trail is breathtaking in June.

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  • Hiking on Blind Hollow Trail

    Hikers enjoy the aspens and waist-high vegetation as they come down Blind Hollow Trail on a sunny spring afternoon.

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  • Tony Grove Lake

    A seven-mile paved road leads off the byway to a height of 8,050 feet to reach Tony Grove Lake, a glacial lake, often called the "crown jewel" of the Bear River Range.

  • Mt. Magog over White Pine Lake

    Snow-speckled Mt. Magog provides a majestic backdrop to White Pine Lake.

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  • Golden Aspens on White Pine Lake Trail

    Fall has nipped these aspen trees on the White Pine Lake Trail in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

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  • Autumn Aspen and Pine in the Middle Sinks

    Logan Canyon Scenic Byway winds past golden aspen in the Middle Sinks area.

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  • Bear Lake Overlook

    This overlook offers a beautiful view of Bear Lake underneath a wonderful skyscape of fluffy clouds.

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  • Afternoon Fishing at Third Dam

    Hip-deep in the Logan River at Third Dam, a fisherman readies his line.

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