Nebo Loop Scenic Byway

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  • Aspens on Nebo Loop

    A collection of bright yellow autumn aspens stand before rolling mountains along Nebo Loop Scenic Byway.

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  • Payson Lakes

    In the distance, people enjoy a sunny day out on a small boat floating on the mirroring waters of one of the Payson Lakes.

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  • Mt. Nebo Wilderness

    This view over the lower canyon south from Mt. Nebo Loop was taken near Devil's Garden Trail and shows the Mt. Nebo Wilderness.

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  • Enjoying the View From Devil's Kitchen

    Hikers enjoy the view from Devil's Kitchen at the end of an interpretive trail.

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  • Misty View from Beaver Dam Overlook

    The Beaver Dam Overlook provides a view from above the clouds on the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway.

  • Hikers on Mount Nebo

    A group of hikers make their way up Mount Nebo, which is the highest peak in the Wasatch Mountains.

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  • Mountain Biker Speeding along Lower Payson Canyon Trails

    A mountain biker enjoys a colorful autumn ride along the trails in Payson Canyon.

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  • Camping on the Nebo Loop

    A group of people enjoys a sunny afternoon together while camping amidst tall trees.

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  • Fiery Red Rocks

    Part of Nebo Loop is surrounded by the fiery red rocks Utah is so famous for.

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