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  • Nephi, Utah

    Stately Mt. Nebo makes a great view to wake up to each morning!

  • Mt. Nebo in Winter

    Snow frosts the steep slopes of Mt. Nebo.

  • Mountains over Santaquin, Utah

    Urban sprawl creeps toward the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains beside Santaquin, Utah.

  • Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center

    A stoic bronze statue stands nobly in front of a fountain and the meticulously groomed lawns surrounding the Peteetneet Museum.

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  • Mt. Nebo Wilderness

    This view over the lower canyon south from Mt. Nebo Loop was taken near Devil's Garden Trail and shows the Mt. Nebo Wilderness.

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  • Fishermen Along the Nebo Loop

    Two men sit on a retaining wall of rounded stones as they fish in Payson Creek.

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  • Spencer Kinard at the Nebo Loop Dedication Ceremony

    Spencer Kinard, of the Utah Travel Council, opening the Nebo Loop Dedication Ceremony

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  • Pond at Maple Dell

    Maple Dell's boating and swimming pond is nestled among the mountains.

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  • Presentation of the Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway Award

    Dignitaries at Blackhawk Campground show off the Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway Award

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  • Bell at Maple Dell

    The bell at Maple Dell Boy Scout Camp stands silent.

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  • Trailhead near Mt. Nebo Wilderness Area

    A sign marks the Nebo Bench Trail, and snow-covered mountains rise above dark green pine trees.

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  • Nightfall Reflections at Payson Lakes

    Evening falls over Payson Lakes on Mt. Nebo Scenic Byway in Utah.

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  • American Indian Statue at Peteetneet Academy and Museum

    This fierce looking American Indian is just one statue at the Peteetneet Academy and Museum.

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  • Old Schoolhouse in Nephi Park

    The bell which rang students in to class and people in for curfew is mounted as a monument next to the old log schoolhouse on the grounds of Nephi Park in Nephi, Utah. To the north (not in photo) is another monument describing the old fort which used to stand here, and showing a piece of its wall.

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  • Mule Deer on Nebo Loop

    A few mule deer dash through the sagebrush and sparse fall grass.

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  • Stonework along Bennie Creek on Nebo Loop

    Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, the stonework along Bennie Creek aids in retaining this stretch of Nebo Loop's road.

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  • Nebo Loop Winds Along the Ridge

    A lone car winds along the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway ridge through aspen and pine.

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  • Visitor Reading Pullout Information about Mt. Nebo

    A visitor reads the pullout information about Mt. Nebo.

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  • Steep Dropoffs and Slopes of Mt. Nebo

    A cloudy haze covers the steep canyon walls and sloping edge of Mt. Nebo along Nebo Loop Scenic Byway.

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  • Aspens on Nebo Loop

    A collection of bright yellow autumn aspens stand before rolling mountains along Nebo Loop Scenic Byway.

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  • Payson Lakes

    In the distance, people enjoy a sunny day out on a small boat floating on the mirroring waters of one of the Payson Lakes.

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  • Sunset Falls Across the Sky

    Sunset falls while driving down Payson Canyon on the Nebo Loop.

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  • Misty View from Beaver Dam Overlook

    The Beaver Dam Overlook provides a view from above the clouds on the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway.

  • Fiery Red Rocks

    Part of Nebo Loop is surrounded by the fiery red rocks Utah is so famous for.

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  • John Dixon Home in Payson, Utah

    The oldest home in Payson, the John Dixon House is red sandstone with intricate carvings. This view is of the south side of the house and shows the carving below a window.

  • View of Salt Creek Canyon

    A magnificent view falls away before you leave a trail on the Nebo Loop.

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  • Peteetneet Academy and Museum Sign

    The brick and wood sign welcomes all to the Peteetneet Academy and Museum.

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  • Plentiful Views of Aspen, Pine, and Juniper

    Looking down from the Devil's Kitchen Trail, Mt. Nebo's ridgeline lies in the distance.

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  • Devil's Kitchen, a Striking Geological Feature

    Wind and water erosion is gradually forming turrets and spirals here in the bright orange sands of Devil's Kitchen.

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  • Enjoying the View From Devil's Kitchen

    Hikers enjoy the view from Devil's Kitchen at the end of an interpretive trail.

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  • Pioneer Fashions on Display at Peteetneet Museum

    These are examples of period fashions from the 18 and early-1900s, as seen at the Peteetneet Museum in Payson.

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  • Visitors Enjoying a Trail on Nebo Loop

    Greenery surrounds two placid hikers.

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  • Camping on the Nebo Loop

    A group of people enjoys a sunny afternoon together while camping amidst tall trees.

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  • Mountain Biker Taking a Break on the Blackhawk Trail

    A mountain biker pauses during a ride along the Blackhawk Trail.

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  • Mountain Biker in Lower Payson Canyon

    A mountain biker pedals through the fall colors and mountain vistas of Utah's Lower Payson Canyon.

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  • Mountain Biker Speeding along Lower Payson Canyon Trails

    A mountain biker enjoys a colorful autumn ride along the trails in Payson Canyon.

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  • Hikers on Mount Nebo

    A group of hikers make their way up Mount Nebo, which is the highest peak in the Wasatch Mountains.

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  • Orange Trees on Nebo Loop

    Puffy, white clouds graze the tops of the orange trees overlooking the mountain valley below.

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