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  • Orange Hoodoos by Scenic Byway 12 in Utah

    Slickrock formations by Scenic Byway 12 in Utah gleam surreally in the afternoon sun.

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  • Powell Point

    Powell Point, a significant landmark on Scenic Byway 12, is just waiting to be photographed.

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  • Vast View at Head of the Rocks Overlook

    Two visitors are awed by the scope of the wind-scoured countryside stretching out ahead.

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  • Wading in the Tropic Creek Waterfall

    A family enjoys the cool water at the foot of a waterfall on the Mossy Cave Trail (the waterfall branch of the hike.)

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  • Waterpocket Fold and the Henry Mountains

    On a crystal clear day, you can see 20 miles to the Henry Mountains, Waterpocket Fold, and Dixie National Forest from the Larb Hollow Overlook on Scenic Byway 12 in Utah.

  • Knobby Rocks at Boynton Overlook

    Knobby rocks create part of the uniquely southwestern landscape found at Boynton Overlook.

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  • Aspen, Pine, and the Road Down Boulder Mountain

    The road winds down Boulder Mountain through forests of aspens and evergreens.

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  • A Reconstructed Anasazi House

    A park ranger explains the building style of the Anasazi at the Anasazi Village State Park in Boulder, Utah.

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  • Peculiar Landforms of Scenic Byway 12

    This arch is the biggest arch on the Arches Trail in Losee Canyon.

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  • Old, Pioneer-Era Fence in Boulder

    Boulder, Utah boasts several picturesque pastoral scenes framed by the mountains.

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  • Bryce Canyon from Sunrise Point

    A tree frames a view of Bryce Canyon on a summer afternoon.

  • Cyclist on Scenic Byway 12

    A recreational biker tries out the brand new biking trail paralleling Red Canyon on Scenic Byway 12. Cyclists find Scenic Byway 12 an increasingly popular spot to visit.

  • Framed in Stone

    This natural arch frames layers of landscape with red stone.

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  • Hazy Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon

    A prescribed burn in Bryce Canyon creates a smoky morning and gives an ethereal quality to the hoodoos below.

  • Clouds, Red Rock and Tree at Bryce Canyon

    The twisted branches and roots of a bare-twigged tree on the edge of Bryce Canyon highlight this view of red rock canyons and cloud-speckled sky.

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  • Hoodoo View in Bryce Canyon

    Elegant orange and white hoodoos highlight thie view of Bryce Canyon, taken from near the end of the park road.

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  • View Toward Capitol Reef from Boulder Mountain

    Bright green forests stretch out toward the rippling red and white ridges of Capitol Reef, which appear to lay against the deep blue and purples of the Henry Mountains. On this crystal clear day, you can see for miles.

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  • Hiker by Calf Creek Falls

    A hiker strolls past the foot of Calf Creek Falls in Escalante Canyons.

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  • Western-style Barn in Boulder

    A patch of blue in stormy skies over Boulder brightens this view of a red barn and fresh-sprouted fields of winter wheat.

  • Driving the Hogsback

    The hogsback of Scenic Byway 12 curves atop a ridge of juniper and rock.

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  • Hiking a Slot Canyon

    A hiker pauses to look at the effect of flash floods in Willis Canyon.

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  • Evening at Bryce Canyon

    A natural bridge upholds a dappled sunset.

  • Boynton Overlook

    Looking down from the Boynton Overlook, Scenic Byway 12 curves, and the Hogsback lays in the distance.

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