Scenic Byway 143 - Utah's Patchwork Parkway

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  • Fall at Cedar Breaks

    Vibrant colors seldom seen outside southwestern Utah are clearly evident from the north overlook at Cedar Breaks National Monument: crisp blue skies, brilliant white fluffy clouds, deep red formations of Cedar Breaks, shades of green spruce and pine melded with rich autumn yellow aspen and framed by the ancient limbs of a bristlecone pine.

  • Dramatic Switchback

    A dramatic switchback along Brian Head-Panguitch Lake Scenic Byway curves through thick forests.

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  • Panguitch Canyon Creek

    Panguitch Canyon Creek softly cuts through red walls, passing sporadic spurts of greenery.

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  • Penstemon Fields

    An old wire and log fence borders a wide field filled with clumps of purple penstemon.

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  • Driving up to Brian Head through Red Slopes

    On the way up to Brian Head, red slopes line the roads on one side and slender trees line the other.

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  • South Face of Brian Head Peak

    Brian Head Peak stands majestically against an overcast sky.

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