Payette River Scenic Byway

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  • West Mountain Reflections

    Bright blue water nourishes Payette River's surrounding marshlands.

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  • Payette River Rail Tunnel

    A train emerges from a tunnel carved in the rock along the Payette River Scenic Byway.

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  • Payette River's Allure

    The Payette River's gentle waters create a soothing mountain atmosphere.

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  • Rainbow Bridge on the Payette River Scenic Byway

    Graceful Rainbow Bridge spans the Payette River.

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  • Presenting Designation Plaque to Payette River Scenic Byway

    Idaho's Payette River Scenic Byway receives their designation plaque at the Designation 2002 event at Union Station in Washington DC.

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  • Wild Ride on the Payette River

    Rafters dig deep with their paddles during a wild ride through large rapids on the Payette River.

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  • Family Fun at Payette Lake

    Families enjoy a leisurely day of boating, swimming, and beach-lounging at Payette Lake.

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  • Boise National Forest

    A Department of Agriculture sign marks the grassy entrance to Boise National Forest.

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