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  • The Pioneer Historic Byway in the Early Spring

    The Pioneer Historic Byway rises up through green hills below a cloudy sky in the early spring.

  • Chesterfield Townsite

    This photo is a panoramic view of the Chesterfield Townsite and the valley where it is located. There are 27 structures in this Townsite in various stages of restoration.

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  • Last Chance Canal

    This flume, Last Chance Canal, that carries the water from the Bear River into Gentile Valley turned the valley floor into productive farmland early in the last century. The water is drawn from the Bear River and is first directed into a tunnel cut through a lava rock bluff and then into the flume which straddles the Bear River.

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  • Marker for the Old Yellowstone Highway

    Marker for the Old Yellowstone Highway (the last one still in its original location.) Pink, white and red flowers surround the boulder on which the marker is placed, in a nicely landscaped display. Summer.

  • Red Rock Pass

    Red Rock Pass is today's remnant of the natural dam at the north end of ancient Lake Bonneville.

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  • Last Chance Canal, Gorge and Bridge

    Viewed from the road on a sunny afternoon, the Last Chance Canal bridge spans a river that runs through a black lava flow in southeastern Idaho.

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  • Visitor Peers into Tunnel Carved into Lava Flow

    A woman perched on the iron walkway across the canal peers into the tunnel carved into the lava flow.

  • Spinning Wheel on Display Inside Old Store in Franklin

    Spinning wheel on display inside Franklin's old ZCMI store. (ZCMI stands for Zion Cooperative Merchantile Institution.)

  • Stormy Skies Over a Harvested Field near Riverdale, Idaho

    Stormy skies glower to the east over a harvested field near Riverdale, Idaho

  • Cinder Cone in a Farmer's Field

    A small cinder cone, remnant of ancient volcanic activity, stands covered by wild grass in fields of alfalfa and wheat in Idaho. Deep blue mountains march across the horizon behind the cone.

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  • On the Lander Cutoff of the Oregon Trail

    The cutoff to the Oregon Trail can be seen amidst the mountains and pavement of the road. A fence frames the left side of the photo.

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  • Sheep Rock

    Mighty pines reach up as high as Sheep Rock itself. It seems as if the pines and the mountain compete to reach the sky.

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  • Hay in Barn and Autumn Color

    An open-sided western-style barn on a ranch is filled with bales of hay. Trees in the mountains nearby explode in fall color.

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  • Fishing Rush Lake

    Two fishermen disturb the waters of Rush Lake on this cool autumn day.

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