Jemez Mountain Trail

National Scenic BywayNew Mexico

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  • Enjoyable Scenery on the Jemez Mountain Trail

    A visitor relaxes under the shade of a tree at the top of an overlook on the Jemez Mountain Trail in New Mexico.

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  • Center Setting in Red Rock

    Colorful desert scenery in blues, reds, greens and purples surrounds the Walatowa Visitor Center.

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  • Battleship Rock Viewed from the Jemez Mountain Trail

    Battleship Rock rears above the surrounding forest.

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  • View of Battleship Rock Wayside

    A bus and several cars stand in the parking lot at the Battleship Rock Wayside.

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  • Jemez Falls Pool at Falls Wayside

    The Jemez River offers this gentle waterfall as an additional sight for those taking a break at the Falls Wayside.

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  • A Blend of Mountains, Sky, and Trees

    The Jemez Mountain Trail merges these three elements of nature to provide an overall picture of beauty.

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