Billy the Kid Trail

National Scenic BywayNew Mexico

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  • Rio Ruidoso

    Yellow primroses brighten the banks of the Ruidoso River.

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  • Sunflowers and Sierra Blanca

    A field of sunflowers color the valleys below the Sierra Blanca.

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  • Coe Ranch in Hondo, New Mexico

    This ranch employed Billy the Kid during the Lincoln County War.

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  • Free Spirits at Noisy Water Sculpture

    The jumping horse sculpture seems almost lifelike.

  • Cowboy Symposium Cowboy Cooking

    A cowboy makes his dinner over a campfire at the Cowboy Symposium.

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  • Rodeo Parade

    Indian maiden rides horseback in a rodeo parade.

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  • Morning Meal

    A horse grazes on grass along the Billy the Kid Trail.

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  • Cowboy Symposium in Ruidoso, New Mexico

    Cowboys compete for authentic representation of cowboy culture.

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  • A Church on the Hill

    A church sits on a hill in the distance, backlit by a glowing violet sky

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