Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway

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  • Statue of Geronimo

    This life-size wax statue of Geronimo, located in the Apache Room of Geronimo Springs Museum, is a well-photographed likeness of the famous warrior.

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  • Scenic Black Range Drive

    The scenic drive across the Black Range Mountains on NM 152 provides spectacular views of the majestic mountains.

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  • View from Emory Pass Vista

    Looking east from Emory Pass Vista, the communities of Kingston and Hillsboro are visible in the valley below, and the Caballo Mountains are on the horizon 50 miles away.

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  • Boats at Dam Site Marina

    The Dam Site Marina at Elephant Butte Lake State Park is one of three marinas serving the State Park. The landmark butte for which the lake is named is in the center of the photo.

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  • Remaining Walls Of Hillsboro Courthouse

    The few remaining portions of wall of the beautiful Victorian courthouse in Hillsboro are a ghostly reminder of the glory days of the past.

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  • Grassy Mesa Lands Of Apache Country

    Vast expanses of grass and greasewood stretch out to the distant San Mateo Mountains.

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  • Hiking Crest Trail North

    Both individuals and groups of hikers enjoy the astounding scenery along the Crest Trail North.

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  • Apache Rocks At Ralph Edwards Park

    A path winds through these rocks, found in Ralph Edwards Park, blackened by years of exposure to smoke.

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  • Turtleback Mountain

    Turtleback Mountain stands brilliantly in the day's fading sunlight.

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