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  • Cliffs of the Gila Wilderness

    Looking from the gorge below, the Gila Cliff Dwellings stand embedded in the Gila rock.

  • Trail of the Mountain Spirits Map

    This map presents a graphical view of the Trail of the Mountain Spirits, its route, major points of interest, and nearby federal lands.

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  • Balloon Racing is Popular in Deming

    Several hot air balloons begin inflating in the early morning light.

  • The Entry Stone Marker at City of Rocks State Park

    The City of Rocks stone marker explains the creation of this geological oddity.

  • Hours of Enjoyable Hiking

    Four men walk in file through the City of Rocks State Park.

  • Catwalk

    A traveler stands on the suspended Mogollon Catwalk between two rock faces.

  • Tularosa Mogollon Indian Dwellings

    Tourists sit along a wall on the top level of the Gila Cliff Dwellings.

  • Poncho Villa State Park Marker

    The Poncho Villa State Park historical marker sits in a desert backdrop.

  • Amateur Rock Climbers Will Easily Climb Many of the Massive Stones

    Three men stand on several of the massive stones in the City of Rocks State Park.

  • Massive Stones Litter the Landscape

    A city of large bolders stand silently in City of Rocks State Park.

  • The Annual Great American Duck Races Attract Thousands

    Ducks races down chutes as the crowd cheers during the duck races in Deming, New Mexico.

  • Once a Small Railroad Community, Deming Now is the County Seat

    The historical marker for Deming, New Mexico.

  • Many Crops are Grown in New Mexico Including Cotton and Chilis

    Chili pickers carry baskets to be unloaded into crates in Deming, New Mexico.

  • The Gila Cliff Dwellings Attract Many Visitors Daily

    Tourists wander through the Gila Cliff Dwellings in the Gila National Forest.

  • Fiesta de la Olla

    Juan Quesada, master potter of Mata Ortiz, reveals another of his exquisite creations.

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  • Historical Pinos Altos Church

    This Methodist-Episcopal church was built with Hearst money in 1898.

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  • Stairs of the Ancients

    Imagine the Ancients using these stairs to go to and from their cliff homes.

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  • Fall Foliage Along the Continental Divide

    Aspens turn golden in the autumn along the Continental Divde.

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  • Wilderness Panoramic View

    This view shows Gila Hot Springs and the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument in the distance.

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  • Room with a View

    Looking out from one of the caves of the Gila Cliff Dwellings National monument, you can look across the canyon sensing your looking through the eyes of the prehistoric people who lived here 700 years ago.

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  • Copperas Vista and Wild Horse Mesa

    The dramatic vistas and solitude accessible from the Byway route are soothing and unforgettable. Tree-covered mountains ripple across the landscape as far as the eye can see.

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  • Rufous Hummingbird

    The bright orange and territorial rufous hummingbird is one of several hummingbird species who pass through the Gila National Forest and the Lake Roberts area on their long migratory journeys.

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  • Winding West On The Middle Fork Of The Gila

    The Gila River winds west toward Arizona, refreshing the bosque.

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  • Fort Bayard Days

    Visitors can see historical reenactments and other historical objects, like this horse-drawn wagon driven by Union soldiers.

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  • Fort Bayard

    The officers' quarters of the former US Army post at Fort Bayard remind the traveler of times past.

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  • Birding Hot Spot of the Gila

    Lake Roberts shimmers in the afternoon sunshine.

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  • A Barn In Mimbres Valley

    Juniper dotted rolling hills are a backdrop to a small farm in the Mimbres Valley.

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  • Red Paint PowWow

    Chiricahua Apache, Joe Saenz, dances a traditional Apache dance in the 2005 Red Paint PowWow.

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  • Tour de Gila

    The international Tour de Gila bicycle race winding through the beautiful and challenging Gila National Forest draws sports enthusiasts from throughout the world.

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  • Looking over the Gila National Forest

    Looking from the Gila Wilderness Overlook, the Gila National Forest stands in stark contrast to the surrounding desert region.

  • Riding Beneath Cliffs in the Gila Wilderness

    Packing along the Gila River, the traveler pauses to sense the quiet on this riverside campground below jagged tan cliffs.

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  • Gila Wilderness: The Last Solitude

    Many miles from roads and civilization, an outfitter passes majestic Ponderosa pines in the Gila Wilderness as the early morning fog lingers. Only the sounds of birdsong and the steady clip-clop of hooves fill the air.

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  • Warbling Vireo Perching in a Tree

    A Warbling Vireo perches on a tree branch during the last months of summer.

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