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  • Back Alleys of Old Town Albuquerque

    The shops of Old Town Albuquerque are connected by small back alleys and courtyards like this one.

  • A Large Dead Tree in Cerrillos

    A visitor is impressed by a very large dead tree in Cerrillos, New Mexico.

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  • Majestic View from Sandia Peak

    Visitors get a breathtaking view of the valley below Sandia Peak.

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  • The Deck at Sandia Peak Ski Resort

    The distinctive design of the Sandia Peak Ski Resort is a welcome sight to skiers in the winter as well as hikers and bikers in the summer.

  • Tinkertown Music Box

    This unusual music box greets visitors to Tinkertown on the Turquoise Trail.

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  • Sandia Peak Ski Lodge

    The bustle of activity at Sandia Peak Ski Lodge continues even in the spring.

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  • Clear Light Opera House

    Fancy brickwork shows the loving care that went into this center for the arts.

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  • Old Coal Mine Settlement

    A man moves large boulders at the Old Coal Mine settlement along the Turquoise Trail.

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  • Leaving Madrid

    The Turquoise Trail bends out of the artistic town of Madrid.

  • Cluster of Life-Size Statues in Downtown Albuquerque

    This group of life-size statues represents the diverse people that make up Albuquerque.

  • Christmas Lights in Historic Madrid

    Christmas lights add a cheery note to the nightscape of Madrid, a historic city on the Turquoise Trail.

  • San Felipe de Neri Church in Old Town Albuquerque

    The San Felipe de Neri Church is a beautiful, still-functioning piece of New Mexico history.

  • Mount Chalchihuitl from the Cash Entry Mine

    The oldest strip mine in North America, Cash Entry Mine, sits in Mount Chalchihuitl.

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  • Turquoise Trail in Madrid

    Madrid's Main Street is filled with cars, tourists, and bicyclists.

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  • Cars Approaching Turquoise Trail

    A truck and car approach the Turquoise Trail marked by a roadsign.

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  • Tour Buses in Madrid

    Buses wait for tourists outside one of the many shops and boutiques in Madrid.

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  • Turquoise Trail Sign with Yellow Bus

    An America's Byways sign decorates the Turquoise Trail roadsign.

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  • Turquoise Trail Roadsign

    The logo for America's Byways enhances the roadsign for the Turquoise Trail.

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  • Shady Street in Madrid

    Tall trees shade a street in Madrid full of shops and boutiques.

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  • Entering Madrid

    When entering Madrid from the south, visitors can see how the hills shape the town, along with the beginnings of several blocks full of interesting shops.

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  • Turquoise Trail with Church in the Distance

    Azure skies and green foliage highlight this view of the Turquoise Trail.

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  • White Adobe Church

    A white, adobe church stands out from the blue mountains on the Turquoise Trail.

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  • White Church on the Turquoise Trail

    A solitary white church completes the landscape of blue mountains, red earth, and green shrubs.

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  • Main Street in Madrid

    Plenty of cars line the streets on a weekend in Madrid.

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  • Town Shops in Madrid

    A plank sidewalk and canopies provide comfortable walking and welcome shade to visitors to these town shops in Madrid, New Mexico.

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  • Mountains With Church

    A white church stands out against purple mountains and green brush.

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  • New Mexico State Byway Roadsign

    The purples and golds of New Mexico are captured on this byway roadsign.

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  • Turquoise Trail Group Flyer on Mailbox

    A flyer for an Turquoise Trail benefit auction is posted uniquely on a mailbox.

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  • Sunflowers on the Sandias

    High up in the Sandia Mountains, a yellow sunflower stands out against an impeccably luminous view.

  • Gazebo on the Plaza in Old Town Albuquerque

    A gazebo in the middle of the plaza provides shade from the sun at Old Town Albuquerque.

  • Art at the Tinkertown Museum in Sandia Park

    The Tinkertown Museum in Sandia Park is home to many pieces of interesting art such as wheels, bottles and more.

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  • Winter Snows Blanket the Sandia Mountains

    A panoramic view of the Sandia Mountains after a heavy snow storm.

  • St. Francis Cathedral

    St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, New Mexico stands framed by two evergreen pines. Jean Baptiste Lamy, the First Archbishop of Santa Fe, built the cathedral.

  • Mount Chalchihuitl in New Mexico

    The turquoise wash of Mount Chalchihuitl creates a beautiful desert landscape.

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  • Surface Turquoise at Mount Chalchihuitl

    The surface of this rock had water poured on it to bring out the color of the turquoise.

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  • The Mina del Tiro Mine in New Mexico

    Mina del Tiro is a mine located near Mount Chalchuhuitl in New Mexico.

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  • Museum of Archaeology and Material Culture

    The Museum of Archaeology and Material Culture contains information about the area's early inhabitants. It sits in Cedar Crest, 25 miles south of Madrid.

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  • Sandia Cave

    The entrance to the Sandia Cave invites visitors to explore it.

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  • Row House in Madrid

    Madrid was a company coal mining town. This is typical representation of a dozen company built row houses still standing. They were constructed in the 1930s. Notice the coal in the background.

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  • Covered Wagon in Cerrillos

    A "modern" covered wagon can be found today one block from Main Street in Cerrillos. Sometimes you can see it in Madrid on along the Turquoise Trail.

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  • San Francisco Church in Golden

    View of the San Francisco church in Golden with the San Pedro Mountains in the background. The church was built in the 1820s. It is easily accessible for photos a minutes walk from NM 14, near Milepost 17.4.

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  • Ortiz Mountains

    A view of the Ortiz Mountains looking to the east a few miles north of Golden.

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  • The Locals are Friendly in Cerrillos

    A local resident greets visitors in Cerrillos at the Casa Grande Trading Post Museum and Petting Zoo.

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  • Madrid Coal Mines

    Madrid, New Mexico is the only known spot in the United States where veins of both bituminous (soft) and anthracite (hard) coal can be found. Tailings from the now closed coal mines can easily be seen from the Turquoise Trail.

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  • Garden of the Gods Rock Formation

    Vertical beds of colorful sandstone and mudstore can be seen just a few feet off of Turquoise Trail. They are part of the Galisteo Foundation deposited in streams 70 million years ago.

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  • Taking the Turquoise Trail to Madrid, New Mexico

    Heading toward historic Madrid from the south, you can see the colorful old coal mines to the right of Turquoise Trail.

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  • The West Entrance of New Mexico's Capitol

    The New Mexico capitol building is shaped like the Zia sun symbol.

  • View from Above Sandia Peak Ski Resort

    The Sandia Mountains serve as a lovely backdrop in this view of the Sandia Ski Area.

  • Getting Directions in Albuquerque

    A man points out the right direction for a construction worker in this detail from a group of life-size statues found in Albuquerque.

  • Happy Family Statues in Albuquerque

    A statue of a mother and father chat while holding their child in this detail from a cluster of life-size statues in Albuquerque.

  • Native American Woman and Child Statues in Albuquerque

    A Native American woman smiles and holds her daughter's hand in this detail from a group of life-size statues in Albuquerque.

  • Bronze Businesswoman Statue in Albuquerque

    A businesswoman strides purposefully through the crowd in this detail from a cluster of life-size statues in Albuquerque.

  • Gated Courtyard in Old Town, New Mexico

    Through gated entries, visitors can get a glimpse of Old Town's many hidden courtyards.

  • Tinkertown

    This carved and painted sign marks the entrance to the Tinkertown museum and gives visitors a taste of what they will see inside.

  • A Junction of the Natural and the Man-made

    A flowerbed surrounded by walls of glass bottles is just one example of the delightful and surprising ways the natural and the man-made intersect at Tinkertown.

  • Bottles and More Bottles at Tinkertown Museum

    Necks and ends of multi-colored bottles glint in the sun at the Tinkertown Museum.

  • Madonna Door with Moon and Child at Tinkertown

    A Madonna stands on a moon held by a child on this painted door at the Tinkertown Museum.

  • General Store Diorama at Tinkertown

    Ninety percent of this diorama was made by the hand of the Tinkertown Museum's creator.

  • Welcome Sign at Tinkertown Museum

    A hand-painted sign near the entrance of the Tinkertown Museum lists the exhibits for visitors.

  • Princess Leia and Friends at the Tinkertown Museum

    A figurine of Princess Leia stands among both professionally-made and hand-made friends in the general store diorama.

  • Wooden Tower at Tinkertown Museum

    A wooden tower rises above the bottle walls and metal carvings at Tinkertown.

  • Wheel Window at Tinkertown

    A wheel makes a unique window, snugly fit into a wall made of bottles.

  • An Embellished Door at the Tinkertown Museum

    A door decorated with horseshoes and other metalwork nestles inside one of the museum's many bottle walls.

  • Decorative Yet Functional Stripes of Bottles

    Many of the walls at the Tinkertown museum, like this, are made of glass bottles.

  • Bottle Necks Around a Spoke Wheel Window at Tinkertown

    Bottle necks protrude like flower petals around the museum giftshop's spoke wheel window.

  • Animated Diorama at Tinkertown Museum

    Hand-carved musicians play music at the Tinkertown Museum.

  • Circus Diorama at Tinkertown Museum

    The animated circus diorama delights visitors to Tinkertown.

  • Decorated Aphorism Sign at Tinkertown Museum

    Hand-painted signs with inspirational sayings like this one adorn the walls of the Tinkertown Museum.

  • Bottles, Wheels, and Horseshoes

    Everyday cast-offs become useful building materials at Tinkertown as demonstrated by this wheel window decorated with horseshoes and bottles and embedded in one of the museum's many bottle walls.

  • Handcrafted Signs and Singular Walls

    A visitor regards the handpainted signs and bottle walls prevalent at the Tinkertown Museum.

  • Coin-Operated Organ at Tinkertown Museum

    This organ is just one example of the old-fashioned, coin-operated novelties that can be seen at the Tinkertown Museum.

  • "How to Be Really Alive"

    "Drink Sunsets," "Transform Negatives," and "Delight Someone" are just some suggestions on this Tinkertown Museum sign freely giving advice on "how to be really alive."

  • A Face Carved from Wood

    A carved wooden face watches visitors from its corner at the Tinkertown Museum.

  • Entrance to Tinkertown Museum

    This quirky portal is a portent of the fun to come for visitors to the Tinkertown Museum!

  • Ski Lift at Sandia Peak

    The ski lift at Sandia Peak stands out against the summer scenery.

  • View of Turquoise Trail from Sandia Peak Ski Resort

    The Turquoise Trail winds its way through the Sandia Mountains.

  • Sunflower Sculpture in Madrid

    Quirky artwork like this sunflower sculpture made of New Mexico license plates abounds in the small, artistic community of Madrid.

  • Bottles and Jugs at Tinkertown

    Glass bottles and jugs make an unusual building material for many of the walls at Tinkertown Museum.

  • Madrid, New Mexico

    Madrid is a small, isolated community of artisans and craftspeople.

  • An Extraordinary Shrine at Tinkertown

    A madonna rests in its alcove in a shrine made of bottles at the Tinkertown museum.

  • Some Rousing Last Words at Tinkertown

    Visitors come across many sayings designed to delight and inspire at the Tinkertown Museum.

  • Scenery Near Sandia Peak

    Trees stand like sentinels along the lower ridge of Sandia Peak in mid-May.

  • Old Coal Mine Museum in Madrid

    Tourists decide to stop and visit The Old Coal Mine Museum on a sunny day in Madrid, New Mexico.

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  • Adobe Walls in Madrid, New Mexico

    Old adobe walls stand as a reminder of the past in Madrid, New Mexico.

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  • Carved Figure Near Church in Cerrillos, New Mexico

    A visitor stands near a carved wooden figure of Christ near a historic church in Cerrillos, New Mexico.

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  • Historic Artifacts at Tinkertown

    An old cabin and a wagon sit along a rock wall inlaid with colored glass bottles.

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  • Main Street in Madrid, New Mexico

    Main Street in Madrid peeks around the corner, inviting visitors to follow the curve in the road to more adventures.

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  • Let Your Fancy Take Flight

    A large sculpture depicting several figures in flight welcomes visitors to Tinkertown. The sculpture represents the words of encouragement to live life to the fullest that are found throughout this handmade museum.

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  • A Whimsical Storefront in Madrid

    A small shop in Madrid expresses on the outside the variety of treasures found on the inside.

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  • Visitors at Tinkertown Museum, New Mexico

    Visitors begin to explore Tinkertown after passing under the Sculpture of Flight.

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  • Sandia Peak Ski Resort

    Travelers visit the Sandia Peak Ski Resort on a beautiful spring day.

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  • Please Feed the Animals

    The Cerrillos Petting Zoo encourages interaction between the visitors and the animals.

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  • Turquoise Museum in Cerrillos

    A visitor enters the Turquoise Museum in Cerrillos, New Mexico.

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  • Flowers on Sandia Peak

    The beautiful flowering Clematis can be seen along the Sandia Peak mountain bike trails on the Turquoise Trail.

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  • Old Town Gazebo

    The gazebo invites visitors to enjoy its shady covering in the town square of Old Town in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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  • Driving along the Turquoise Trail

    The Turquoise Trail stretches ahead toward the rugged mountains of New Mexico.

  • The Long Road

    A long road stretches southwest on NM 14 toward the Sandias in the distance.

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  • Business Cards on the Ceiling at Tinkertown Museum

    Visitors have left their mark in the form of business cards stuck to nails in the museum's ceiling.

  • Miniature Toy Store at Tinkertown

    Hundreds of tiny toy dolls and other figures fill the rooms and balconies (and even the roof!) of miniature buildings on display at Tinkertown Museum on the Turquoise Trail in New Mexico. Can you spot Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?

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  • Glass Bottle Walls at Tinkertown Museum

    Visitors lean in for a closer look at the walls made completely of glass bottles at the Tinkertown Museum.

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