Flint Hills Scenic Byway

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  • The Kaw Indian Mission in Council Grove

    A clear blue sky contrasts nicely with the white limestone architecture of this mission.

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  • Flint rock wall along Flint Hills Scenic Byway, Kansas

    Flint rock wall lines the Flint Hills Scenic Byway.

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  • Lonely Kansas Sunflower

    A lone sunflower stands tall against a partly-cloudy blue sky in the Tallgrass National Preserve in Kansas.

  • K-177 Road Sign East of El Dorado

    This road sign sits along the Flint Hills Scenic Byway, just east of El Dorado, 18 miles south of the route's beginning in Cassoday, Kansas.

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  • Kanza Heritage Trail

    Bright yellow flowers pop up along the Kanza Heritage Trail, and Kanza Monument sits along the horizon in the background.

  • Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

    Cattle graze the lush grasses near the Historic Spring Hill Farm and Stock Ranch.

  • Flint Hills Rodeo

    Like a scene straight out of the Old West, this horse comes barreling out of the shoots with a rider clinging to it's back.

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  • Little John Creek Valley

    One of Kaw Heritage Park's trails meanders beside this creek where the trees hang over the water to create a serene, safe haven.

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  • Madonna of the Plains Sculpture

    A pioneer woman and her two children stand as an example of courage to all those who visit Council Grove.

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  • Flint Hills Spring Prairie Fire

    Periodic fire is essential to the preservation of the Tallgrass Prairie. The Prairie Fire Festival celebrates the importance of the flames every year.

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  • Z-Bar or Spring Hill Ranch House

    Built in the 1880s, this eleven-room limestone ranch home stands gracefully on the hillside.

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  • Neosho Riverwalk at the Santa Fe Trail River Crossing

    The trailhead sign welcomes visitors to take a walk through a vibrant stretch of scenery on a summer's day.

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  • Pioneer Bluffs, Rogler Ranch Historic District

    Though not open to the public, the Pioneer Bluffs offer a well-preserved example of limestone fencing for those driving by along the Byway.

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  • Wagon Train Excursion

    A cowboy overlooks camp as the sun sets on another day's hard work.

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  • Chase County Courthouse

    Designed in the French Renaissance Chateau style of architecture, the courthouse stands gallantly against a blue sky.

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  • The Vast Tallgrass Prairie in the Flint Hills

    The vastness of the Tallgrass Prairie can only be seen to fully appreciate its grandeur. As the last large contiguous remnant of tallgrass prairie on earth, the Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie offers an unspoiled landscape of serene natural beauty.

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  • Wildflowers at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

    Blue sage soaks in the rays of the sun at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve along the Flint Hills Scenic Byway.

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