Trail Ridge Road/Beaver Meadow Road

All-American RoadColorado

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  • Bear Lake

    Trees surround this gentle lake in Colorado.

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  • Formidable View from the Forest Canyon Overlook

    A formidable mountain peak serves as a beacon to travelers gazing out from the Forest Canyon Overlook.

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  • The Continental Divide

    The Continental Divide provides two distinct climates--one on each side of its jagged peaks.

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  • Graced by Wildflowers

    Hearty wildflowers grace this meadow high up in the Rocky Mountains.

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  • A Stark Contrast

    These gentle wildflowers are starkly contrasted by the rugged Rocky Mountains in the background.

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  • Longs Peak

    Through a break in the trees, Longs Peak stands majestic under its snow cover.

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  • Miles of Mountains

    Miles of mountains surround this byway.

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