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  • Beckwith Ranch in Winter

    A renovated Beckwith Ranch sits in front of the snowy Sangre de Cristo Mountain range.

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  • Lake Isabel Path

    Two hikers walk the beaten path around Lake Isabel.

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  • Winged Eagle at Historic Hotel in Pueblo

    Hotel Vail stands majestically in Pueblo, Colorado.

  • A Beautiful Day at Beckwith Ranch

    A brilliant sky and green grass surround the white buildings and add to the ambiance of the historic Beckwith Ranch.

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  • Ranchers at Historic Beckwith Ranch

    Local ranchers brand the concrete walkway at Beckwith Ranch. Eventually, the site will become a living history ranch.

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  • Downtown Cripple Creek

    Cripple Creek was the financial and social hub of the Cripple Creek Mining District. Today, many buildings in Cripple Creek's business district have been renovated or restored.

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