Gold Belt Tour Scenic and Historic Byway

National Scenic BywayColorado

Driving the Byway

The Gold Belt Tour Scenic Byway connects six of Colorado's major historic towns using four stunning roads.

Phantom Canyon Section:

  • The first section of the byway starts in Florence, CO, at the junction of CO 67 and West Main Street.
  • From here, head north on CO 67 and continue as it changes to Phantom Canyon Rd.
  • At the junction of CO 67 and 4th St. head south on CO 67 to W. Victor Ave., then head west on CO 67 into Cripple Creek.
  • In Cripple Creek, head west on E. Carr Ave. and continue as the road becomes Teller County Rd.
  • Follow this into Florissant.

Shelf Road Section:

  • At the junction of CO 67 and Main Street in Florence, drive west on Main Street to Ash St. in Brookside.
  • In Brookside, drive north on Ash St. as it changes to S. Reynolds Ave., then to Fremont Dr.
  • After the road becomes Fremont Dr, drive west to Field Ave.
  • Drive north on Field Ave. to Red Canyon Rd. and continue north as the road becomes Shelf Rd.
  • Continue again as the road changes to Xenia St. and continue to CO 67 south of Cripple Creek.

High Park Section:

  • Start at the junction of Cedar Ave. and Ash St. in Brookside.
  • Drive west on Cedar Ave. to Chestnut St. and head north.
  • Once you reach Elm Ave., drive west to 9th St. then drive north to Royal Gorge Blvd.
  • Drive southeast on Royal Gorge Blvd to CO 9.
  • At CO 9, drive north to High Park Rd.
  • Continue north on High Park Rd. to County Road 11.
  • Drive north on County Rd. 11 to County Rd. 1 where the byway ends.