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  • View of Florissant Valley and Teller 1

    Teller 1, the northernmost portion of the Gold Belt Tour, winds through the pastoral Florissant Valley. The valley is located in an ancient lakebed.

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  • Bicyclists Along the Gold Belt Tour Byway

    Many segments of the Gold Belt Tour attract bicyclists because of the outstanding scenery and low speed limits.

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  • St. Cloud Hotel in Cañon City's National Historic District

    Located in Cañon City's National Historic District, the St. Cloud Hotel has stood at the corner of 7th and Main since 1888. The hotel is undergoing restoration with the help of the State Historical Fund of the Colorado Historical Society.

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  • Garden Park Along Shelf Road

    Garden Park, located along the southern end of the Shelf Road, was named for its farms and ranches that supplied fresh produce and meat to surrounding communities. Today, Garden Park remains largely ranchland.

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  • Downtown Cripple Creek

    Cripple Creek was the financial and social hub of the Cripple Creek Mining District. Today, many buildings in Cripple Creek's business district have been renovated or restored.

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  • High Park Road

    High Park Road traverses scenic mountain parklands that have been cattle ranching country for more than 150 years. High Park Road offers impressive views of the surrounding mountain ranges and Pikes Peak.

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  • Florissant Heritage Museum

    The Florissant Heritage Museum occupies the historic Florissant schoolhouse, a schoolhouse from 1887 to 1960. Today, the museum interprets the history of the area beginning with the Ute Indians. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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  • Rockclimber in Red Canyon Park

    The cliffs towering above Shelf Road are internationally known among rock climbers. The climbs are short but very difficult.

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  • Rockclimber in the Shelf Road Recreation Area of Colorado

    This five hundred acre park contains unusually eroded red rock formations with spires up to 100 feet high. It offers excellent opportunities for hiking, bicycling, picnicking and camping.

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  • View of Pikes Peak from the Byway

    Several areas of the Byway offer impressive views of 14,110-foot Pikes Peak, one of Colorado's most famous landmarks.

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  • Aspens on the Gold Belt Tour

    Aspens decked in autumn's tawny hues line the Gold Belt Tour.

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  • Skyline Drive

    A cloud-filled sky and rolling mountains grace the skyline on a peaceful drive.

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