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  • Cross Country Skiing at Mayflower Gulch

    Crosscountry skiing is one of the winter recreation activities along the Top of the Rockies, Mayflower Gulch being one of the top destinations.

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  • Slopes on Mayflower Gulch

    With white in the sky and on the ground, Mayflower Gulch provides the perfect place to snow ski.

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  • Mountains Behind Twin Lakes

    A steep canyon between the mountains lies just behind Twin Lakes.

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  • Irrigation Ditch

    The road to Twin Lakes is characterized by many features, including distant mountains and this irrigation ditch.

  • Railroad Tracks Parallel the Top of the Rockies

    Present day railroad tracks are a reminder of the early days along the Byway when the railroad played such a vital role in the economy of the area.

  • Downtown Leadville

    The bustling, mining town of Leadville is rich in history and beautiful architecture.

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  • Crystal Peak

    Crystal Peak stands at 13,852 feet along the Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway between Copper Mountain and Leadville, CO.

  • Mount Elbert

    Clouds wrap around Mount Elbert along the Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway.

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  • Leadville

    Blue skies hover over the snow-covered city of Leadville.

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  • Flowers Along Hayden Reservoir

    Vibrant violet flowers bloom along the banks of Hayden Reservoir.

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  • Hayden Ranch and Mountains

    Mountains behind the Hayden Ranch and a winding stream before it complete a perfect, old-time setting in a Rocky Mountain valley plain.

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  • Twin Lakes

    Clouds smear across the sky above a field of wildflowers that sits next to Twin Lakes.

  • Hiking Top of the Rockies

    Two hikers enjoy the wide expanse near Independence Pass along Top of the Rockies.

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  • Mountain View at Twin Lakes

    A green field in Twin Lakes shares a calm day with wispy clouds hover near rocky mountain tops.

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  • Tagert Lake

    Looking toward Independence Pass, travelers can see the peacefulness of Tagert Lake and mature Aspen groves beginning to show a hint of gold on the steep hillside.

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