Historic Columbia River Highway

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Driving the Byway

This linear byway has two sections, from Troutdale to the junction with I-84, and from Mosier to I-84 near the Dalles.

Troutdale to Bonneville Dam Section

  • The byway begins on Jordan Road, northeast of Troutdale, OR.
  • Travel south on Jordan Road and continue on Crown Point Hwy.
  • Continue on to Historic Columbia River Highway.
  • Follow the keystone-shaped signs through Springdale, Corbett, and the waterfall area to the junction with Interstate 84 (near Bonneville Dam), where the byway ends.
  • Proceed east on I-84 to Mosier.

Mosier to Dalles Section

  • Resume your byway drive by taking Exit 69 in Mosier to access US Hwy 30/ Mosier-The Dalles Highway.
  • Follow the keystone signs through Mosier to Rowena Crest, and then to Chenoweth Creek, just west of the Dalles.
  • The byway officially ends at the junction of US Hwy 30/ Mosier-The Dalles Highway and Hostetler Way in The Dalles, OR.