Historic Columbia River Highway

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  • Looking East Along the Columbia River from the Rowena Loops

    This is a shot looking east along the Columbia River and gorge from the beginning of the Rowena Loops.

  • The View Upriver from Vista House

    Looking west from Sheppards Dell towards Crown Point provides a sweeping viewing of the landscape.

  • Overlooking Memaloose Island

    The Columbia River flows peacefully past Memaloose Island on a sunny day. A local pioneer named Victor Trevitt is buried on Memaloose Island. When you are there, you can see his grave marker. Native bones were removed during the construction of Bonneville Dam and are (slowly) being repatriated back to the tribes for reburial.

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  • Windsurfing, a Popular Sport on the Columbia River

    Windsurfing is very popular on the Columbia River--Historic Columbia River Highway.

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  • Multnomah Falls

    Visitors stand over one falls and before another on the foot bridge spanning Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge area of Oregon.

  • Sunrise over Multnomah Falls

    Sunlight glints through the forest above Multnomah Falls, August 2001

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