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  • Aguereberry Point

    Fantastic views of Death Valley are seen from this vantage point high above Furnace Creek.

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  • Badlands Wash

    Badlands Wash is composed of layers and patterns of weather-beaten rock.

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  • Choppy Shores of Badwater Spring

    A small spring in the middle of the salt flats does little to provide relief on a scorching Death Valley day- the water isn't drinkable.

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  • The Salt Flats of Death Valley

    One of the most fascinating aspects of Death Valley are the geometric patterns and feeling of desolation you will find on the Salt Flats.

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  • Sliding Rocks at Racetrack Playa

    One of the apparent mysteries of Death Valley is that of the sliding rocks on Racetrack Playa. How the rocks slide across the completely level, dry surface is the subject of countless hypotheses.

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  • The Death Valley Sand Dunes

    A visitor walks through the golden sand dunes at Death Valley.

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  • Ubehebe Crater

    A 500-foot deep hole created by bulging magma underneath the surface of the earth now gives this section of Death Valley an otherwordly appearance.

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  • Mojave Aster

    Purple Mojave Asters are common in even the driest areas of Death Valley.

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  • Artist's Palette

    Chemically altered limestone and hematite provide eerily beautiful landscapes in the Black Mountains.

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  • Furnace Creek Badlands

    The erratic, wavy patterns of the Furnace Creek Badlands are visable from this point high above.

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  • Red Cathedral in Death Valley

    400-foot high Red Cathedral in Golden Canyon is stained red from iron-oxide and contrasts fantastically with the yellow-hued Golden Canyon below and blue skies above.

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  • Rock Layers of Mosaic Canyon

    Stratum of sediments and minerals make up the fascinating geology of Mosaic Canyon.

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  • Manly Beacon at Golden Canyon

    The gold-hued Manly Beacon contrasts brilliantly with the blue sky at Golden Canyon.

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  • View from Father Crowley Point

    This view shows the Argus Mountain Range and Panamint Valley from Father Crowley Point.

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