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  • Mount Rainier National Park

    A visitor drives along the tree lined road towards snow-covered mountains.

  • Avalanche Lilies on Mt. Baker

    Avalanche lilies stand out against a backdrop of green undergrowth.

  • Purple Lupine

    A patch of purple lupine is only a taste of the gorgeous flora in the area.

  • Lilypads on a Tiny Pond

    A tiny pond sits amongst a scenic wooded area.

  • Autumn Color on Austin Pass

    Brilliant shades of red light up Austin Pass on Mount Baker.

  • Autumn Color on Austin Pass

    Austin Pass is vibrant with color in early fall.

  • Picture Lake

    Picture Lake at the Mt. Baker Ski Area is highlighted with fall color.

  • Picture Lake at Mt. Baker Ski Area

    The beautiful fall color on Mt. Baker entices Byway travelers to stop and appreciate nature.

  • Creek from Baker Lake

    A small creek flows near the south end of the Baker Lake Trail.

  • The Baker River

    The Baker River winds though lush pine and cedar forests.

  • A Bald Eagle

    A bald eagle rests on a tree branch just near Mt. Vernon.

  • A Bald Eagle in Flight

    A bald eagle soars above the trees in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Falls National Forest.

  • First Snow at Mt. Baker

    The first snow of the season is captured from Park Butte Lookout Trail in September.

  • Northern Lights Above Mt. Baker

    A magical view of the northern lights is captured at Baker Lake.

  • Northern Lights Above Mt. Baker

    A magical view of the northern lights is captured at Baker Lake.

  • Northern Lights Above Mt. Baker

    A magical view of the northern lights is captured at Baker Lake.

  • Park Creek

    Park Creek runs through the Park Creek Campground in Mt. Baker- Snoqualmie Falls National Forest.

  • Sunrise at the Skagit River

    The sunrise projects intense oranges and purples across the sky at the Skagit River in Lyman.

  • Sun Rays Near Anderson Point Hiker Camp

    Suns rays are filtered by the trees at the east bank of Baker Lake.

  • Turning Vine Maple on Mt. Baker

    Colorful Vine Maple provides washes of unexpected color on Mt. Baker in fall.

  • Vine Maple in Fall

    Red Vine Maple contrast against a cedar background in the foliage near Friday Creek.

  • Waterfall near Illabot Creek Road

    A waterfall cascades near Illabot Creek Road.

  • Pathway to the Mountains

    A Byway enthusiast meanders along the pathway leading to the mountains.

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  • Boulder Creek

    A small creek near Boulder Campground is surrounded by lush vegetation and smooth stones.

  • A Majestic Bald Eagle

    A glimpse of a bald eagle is a treat for visitors.

  • A View of Mount Rainier

    Clouds drift near the high rocky peaks of Mount Rainier.

  • Rocky Creek

    White water flows through the green crags and crevices of Rocky Creek.

  • Sunrise over the Skagit River

    A gorgeous sunrise over the Skagit River is captured between Lyman and Hamilton.

  • Baker Lake

    Baker Lake in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Falls National Forest can be viewed from trails on Mt. Baker.

  • Mt. Baker Surrounded by Clouds

    This view of Mt. Baker shows the snow level in the foothills and some very low clouds.

  • Sunsets Along the Road

    Clouds tinted with pink and gold are a common sight for visitors at Chuckanut Drive.

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  • Reflection Lake at Mount Rainier National Park

    An image of the trees and snow-covered mountains are copied perfectly in the waters of Reflection Lake.

  • Naches Loop Trail

    The Naches Loop Trail affords exceptional views of Mount Rainier as it travels through fields of colorful wildflowers and fragrant forests.

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  • Cascade Fox

    A fox stands still looking warm in its red fur in the cold, white snow of Mt. Rainier National Park.

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  • Chinook Scenic Byway Curve

    The Chinook Scenic Byway curves around the bend and through the vivid greenery of Mt. Rainier National Park.

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