Historic Bluff Country Scenic Byway

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  • Methodist Church Museum

    A Laura Ingalls Wilder site, the museum is in a church that the Wilder family attended.

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  • Como Falls at Hokah

    A waterfall located in a quiet park on the edge of Hokah, Como Falls is located near Mount Tom and the scenic bluffs of the Root and Mississippi Rivers.

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  • Forestville State Park Bridge

    This bridge represents the many historical structure in the byway area.

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  • Farmland with Bluffs in Background

    As visitors wind their way along the byway in the river valley, they see productive farmland with towering bluffs in the background.

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  • Inspiration Point Near Lanesboro

    Built by the WPA, Inspiration Point provides a place with tables and benches where travelers can stop and enjoy the sweeping vistas of farmland, bluffs, and river valley.

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  • Forestville State Park Barn

    This barn is part of Historic Forestville, a state historic site, where costumed guides portray actual residents in their daily activities and assist visitors to imagine what life was like in this small town.

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  • Field and Bluff Lands

    Farmland with bluffs in the background illustrate typical scenes along the byway.

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  • Root River

    The byway follows the Root River for much of its length, providing visitors with many opportunities for enjoyment of the striking scenery.

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  • Root River Near Peterson

    The Root River, which winds through the byway area, offers excellent canoeing, kayaking and fishing, as well as contributing to the scenic beauty of the region.

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  • Recreational Trail in Lanesboro

    The Root River State Trail provides a scenic and safe place for biking, hiking, skating, and cross-country skiing.

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