Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway

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  • Following Harriet Tubman

    The arm of a costumed actress reaches out to part reeds growing out of the wetlands along the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway.

  • A Foreboding Sunset over Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

    A dark, cloud-tainted sunset over the mysterious waters of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge evokes a feeling of isolation similar to what someone trying to traverse the landscape at nightfall might feel.

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  • Yellow Grass and Blue Water at Stewart's Canal

    With switchgrass gently swaying and blue water flowing, Stewart’s Canal and the surrounding landscape provide a scenic stop to contemplate the backbreaking accomplishment of the slaves who dug the canal.

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  • Walkway Over the Choptank

    The elevated boardwalk entrance to the maritime-themed Dorchester County Visitor Center provides the people walking its length with sweeping views of the Choptank River and a wide blue sky.

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  • Cars Parked Before Buildings in Historic Downtown Cambridge

    Restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums, and accommodations line Race Street in Historic Downtown Cambridge. The town’s architecture and infrastructure remain largely intact. Visitors and locals can stroll the sidewalks, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy the small town pace of life.

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  • Standing Before the Harriet Tubman Organization Mural

    The Harriet Tubman Organization’s president, Donald Pinder, stands before a vibrant, folk art mural depicting Tubman’s life.

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  • Choptank Settlement Plaque

    A sign details the native American history of the small garden park on the Choptank River.

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  • Running Through Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Headstones

    Among the graves of the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, a Harriet Tubman re-enactor flees through the headstones and wet grass to freedom.

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  • Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Days at the Dorchester County Visitor Center

    Vernetter Pinder, a Harriet Tubman re-enactor, sings gospel songs to a group of on-lookers at the Dorchester County Visitor Center.

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  • Entering James Webb's Cabin

    A leafy branch hangs over James Webb's rustic log cabin, which a white-haired man enters.

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  • Cambridge Fleet at Long Wharf

    A clear blue sky and high thin clouds reflect on the smooth waters of the Choptank River while five white-washed hulls lay still as their wooden masts await the next sail.

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  • A Greensboro Landscape

    The farm field creates a wide green space somewhere between summer's cultivation and winter's fallow.

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  • An Autumn-draped Tuckahoe Crossing

    Fallen leaves grace the river bank scene along the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway.

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  • Pooled Water at the Greensboro Crossing

    A rocky, tree-lined bank holds in the Choptank's rippling waters at a crossing known as Red Bridges.

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