Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway

National Scenic BywayMaryland

Driving the Byway

The Upper Eastern Shore section of the Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway runs between the east side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal.

Stevensville to Kent Narrows

  • Begin your experience in Stevensville on Kent Island. Follow MD 18, out of Stevensville, through Chester, and across the old Kent Narrows Bridge to Kent Narrows.

Kent Narrows to Church Hill

  • Return to MD 18 and continue through Grasonville.
  • Along this stretch of the byway, areas of open agricultural fields and woodland will lead you to Nesbitt Road.
  • At Nesbitt Road, take US 301 and return to MD 18 by taking your first left after crossing under the US 50 overpass.
  • Follow MD 18 to downtown Queenstown, one of Maryland's earliest colonial ports of entry.
  • Continue along MD 18 to MD 213.
  • Turn left onto MD 213, which will take you to downtown Centreville, Queen Anne's county seat.
  • Continue on MD 213 North towards Church Hill.

Church Hill to Chestertown

  • Return to MD 213 North. The predominantly rural landscape and working agricultural lands along the way will lead you through Kingstown and over the Chester River Bridge, which serves as a scenic gateway into Chestertown, a colonial port on the Chester River.
  • Follow MD 213 North to discover Washington College, the only college George Washington authorized to use his name.

Chestertown to Rock Hall

  • Continue a short distance north on MD 213, and turn left onto MD 291.
  • Bear right onto MD 20 West, which will take you to Rock Hall.

Rock Hall to Georgetown

  • From MD 20, make a left onto MD 291 and then another left onto MD 213 North.
  • Continue north to Galena.
  • Follow MD 213, making a left at the only traffic light in Galena.
  • A short drive farther on MD 213 North, you will come to the river port of Georgetown on the southern bank of the Sassafras River.

Georgetown to Chesapeake City

  • On the other side of the Sassafras River, you enter Cecil County and the town of Fredericktown. The communities of Georgetown and Fredericktown line the two sides of the Sassafras River.
  • Continue on MD 213 North towards Cecilton.
  • Return to MD 213 North, following to Cayots Corner and Chesapeake City.