Baltimore's Historic Charles Street

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  • Washington Monument at Night

    The lit Washington Monument towers over the dusky Baltimore skyline.

  • Baltimore Skyline and Inner Harbor at Night

    A dusty rose sunset frames the colorful Baltimore skyline. Below, the city scene blurs in the waters of Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

  • Enjoying Sidewalk Dining Along Charles Street in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District

    People at tables smile and laugh while a family walks by Baltimore's Station North Arts & Entertainment District, home to the multi-screen Charles Theater.

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  • Visiting Mount Vernon Place

    A woman holds her child while residents and visitors in the distance sit, walk, and relax before the Washington Monument at Mount Vernon Place.

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  • Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption at Night

    Situated majestically on a hill above Baltimore Harbor on Charles Street, the Basilica of the Assumption emits a heavenly yellow glow from its striking architecture into the surrounding dusk.

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  • Walking Toward Baltimore Museum of Art in the Summer

    A columned exterior makes for a dramatic entryway into the Baltimore Museum of Art, in the heart of Charles Village.

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  • Shopping in the Historic Federal Hill Neighborhood

    A shopper walks along Charles Street in Baltimore, MD past picturesque shops that boast architecture from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.

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  • A Snow-blanketed Evergreen House and Museum

    Italian-style gardens at Evergreen are draped in snow while trees surround the columned front of the mansion.

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  • Cherry Blossoms at the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon Place

    Cherry Blossom trees bloom in Mount Vernon Place highlighting the Washington Monument in spring and inviting visitors to explore the museums and cultural attractions on Mount Vernon Cultural Walk.

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